Siemens SITRANS FP Differential Pressure Flow Measurement


  • Suitable for a vast range of different applications
  • Available as pre-mounted compact system as well as remote parts
  • Advanced intelligent sizing procedure
  • Web-based sizing and data storage enables full traceability and easy communication
  • All benefits of SITRANS P320 available

Siemens SITRANS FP Pressure Transmitter product line presents a comprehensive solution for conducting differential pressure flow measurements. This established technology is well-suited for a wide array of applications, encompassing liquids, dry or moist gases, and steam. Thanks to its resilient yet adaptable design, it continues to be a fundamental choice for flow measurement across diverse industries


Accuracy Linearity: RE > 20,000: 1%
Repeatability: RE > 20,000: 0.1%
Media Steam, liquids, gas
Operating conditions Pressure: up to PN100 (flange)
Temperature: -100 °C … 490 °C
Display 240 x 160, fully graphical
Installation conditions Inlet: 7 x inner diameter
Outlet: 3 x inner diameter
Design Acc. to PED 2014/68 EU
Approval QAL1
Ex, SIL, … acc. SITRANS P320


Siemens SITRANS FP230-FPS200 Primary Elements According to ISO 5167_DpstarGroup

Siemens SITRANS FP330-FPS300 Averaging Pilot Tube_DpstarGroup