Siemens SITRANS P300 Digital Pressure Transmitter


  • With hygiene (EHEDG, 3A), material and calibration certificates eminently suited to the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry
  • Especially suitable for degrees of protection to IP68 and IP69K, CIP/SIP cleaning, and highly viscos measuring media
  • Broad application opportunities by measurement cells for gauge and absolute pressure
  • Easy cleaning by measurement cells with flush mounted diaphragm
  • Optimized process control by extended simulations and diagnostic

Siemens SITRANS P300 Digital Pressure Transmitter provides both accuracy in measurement and robust durability. With its stainless steel casing featuring a laser-engraved nameplate and a diverse selection of hygienic process connections, it is exceptionally well-suited for applications in the food and beverage industry, as well as in pharmaceutical processes.


Accuracy ≤ 0,075 %
Long term stability ≤ 0.25 % / 60 months
Measuring range 0 – 10 mbar (0 – 4 inchH2O) to
0 – 400 bar (0 – 5800 psi)
Communication HART or PROFIBUS PA


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