Siemens SONOKIT Flowmeter (with FUS060 or FUS080)


  • Simple – SITRANS FUS SONOKIT takes complexity out of retrofitting
  • Cost-effective and accurate – System contains all the necessary components for a functioning flow device
  • Very robust – Suitable for burying and constant flooding
  • Minimum maintenance – Solid construction without moving parts

Siemens SONOKIT Flowmeter (with FUS060 or FUS080) is the ideal selection for achieving precise measurement outcomes. This comprehensive kit incorporates all essential components and specialized tools for configuring it as either a 1-track or 2-track flowmeter, making it particularly well-suited for retrofitting onto pre-existing pipelines. Placing the transducers within the flow ensures top-tier accuracy, performance, and enduring stability over time.


Nominal size Qn 100 to 78000 m3/h (depending on size and transmitter)
Accuracy ± 0.5 … 1.5% of flow rate
Operating pressure Max. 40 bar (max. 580 psi)
Operation temperature -20 … 200 °C (-4 … 392 °F)
Design 1 or 2 tracks
Material Typical pipe material:  steel, stainless steel, concrete
Approval ATEX (only for SITRANS FUS060)


Siemens SONOKIT Flowmeter (With FUS060 Or FUS080)_DpstarGroup