Silicon Carbide Heating Elements – Maltec-H Type D


  • Withstands as high as 1600 (surface temperature)
  • Generates high heat output per unit surface area, approximately 5-10 times the output of Nichrome wire.
  • High strength and excellent shock resistance.
  • Chemically very stable.
  • Heat source is free of noise and air pollution.
  • Various coating products are available for protection against water vapor and harmful gas atmosphere.
  • Easy to handle.

The D element is made from high-density, high-purity silicon carbide. Using the most modern production technology and expertise developed by TKK from past experience, Type D features high oxidation resistance, heat resistance and reinforced strength. Type D is the most popular type of economical heating element capable of operating under hot and rigorous environments. As required by specific applications, various coatings can be applied to D-type elements to prevent oxidation.


Maltec-H Silicon Carbide (SiC) Heater_DpstarGroup


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