Silicon Heater Mats – Flexelec T-TA-TV-TP


  • Takes up little space.
  • Highly flexible.
  • A variety of shapes.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Any voltage on request.
  • UL Recognized mats on request..
  • Length of power cable: 1 m as standard.
  • T: Silicon elastomer insulated mats.
  • TA: with adhesive back for permanent fitting.
  • TV: factory vulcanised on metal backing.
  • TP: factory preformed version.
  • EN 45545 certification on request.

Through our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to supply electrical heat tracing systems and solutions to achieve both dynamic heat up and temperature maintenance applications in Oil and Gas, Palm Oil, Food Industry, and others. We understand your requirements and we are specialists in Electrical Heat Tracing solutions and provide reliable systems and solutions. Dpstar is responsible, trustworthy, and accountable you can count on.

Silicon And Aluminium Heater Mats Flexmat

FLEXMAT heating products range ensures uniform heat distribution. Aluminium heater mats are especially suitable for many different applications, thanks to their low thickness and their custom manufacturing. There are many possible options with silicon and aluminium heater mats to answer your needs.

Heating mats are manufactured to order and their sizes and shapes can be adapted to each situation. They can be fixed using eyelets or hooks incorporated into the heating mat and, in some cases, vulcanized directly by us onto your metal parts. The adhesive backing can also be provided. Other options such as double insulation, fuses, thermal cut-out devices, or temperature sensors (PT100, PT1000, thermocouple,…) are available.


  • Takes up little space.
  • Highly flexible.
  • A variety of shapes.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Any voltage on request.
  • Length of power cable: 1 m as standard.
  • T: silicon elastomer insulated mats.
  • TA: with adhesive back for permanent fitting.
  • TV: factory vulcanised on metal backing.
  • TP: factory preformed version.
  • Special production on request.
  • EN 45545 certification on request.
  • Ingress protection code: IP53 (others on request).


The heating part is made up of a nickel-chrome or nickel-copper alloy heating wire wound in a spiral around a slender fiber glass core. This heating element is then placed between two layers of woven fiber glass impregnated with silicon elastomer. This material is an excellent electrical insulator (approx. 12 kV/mm), a good conductor of heat (7.10-4 W/ cm/K), and flexible. It can withstand continuous temperatures of around 200°C. The fiber glass weave endows the assembly with good mechanical resistance while allowing it to remain very flexible.

Industrial Applications

  • Military: radars, missiles, temperature maintenance of electronic circuits or protective housings anti-condensation for aiming devices, etc.
  • Office equipment: photocopiers, printers.
  • Rolling stock: rear-view mirrors, batteries, vehicle floors, driving cabs for locomotives, locks, tank wagons, etc.
  • Food service industry: electric hot-plates, double boilers, trays, etc.
  • Photography: developing and fixing trays.
  • Medical: X-rays, trays for wax impressions, apparatus for bacteria cultures or blood tests, transformation of cosmetic products, etc.
  • Various industries: substances in drums, heating trays, distillers, boilers, ultrasound vessels, tanks for electrolysis, process tanks, storage silos and vats, hoppers, conveyor belts, control desks, presses, repair kits for composite materials, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: photoelectric cells, decomposition toilets, various drying devices, etc.

Typical Applications

  • Defrosting satellite dishes with heating elements.
  • Eliminating problems of frost on weather-forecasting equipment with heating elements.
  • Heat up sets to 450°C or more with heating elements.
  • Taking vacuum to its extremes with heating elements.
  • Optimize the humidity level in tickets and banknotes distributors systems with heating cords.
  • Contribute to manufacture sports equipment materials.
  • Activate drying, preheat media or ink tanks with heating elements.
  • Keeping batteries from freezing with a heater to extend their lifetime.
  • Speed up the drying process of wind generator blades with heating mats.
  • Achieve research and manufacture of new products with heating element.
  • Repairing and manufacturing planes or helicopters blades with heating elements.
  • Allow water from defrost cycles to flow using heating cables.
  • Secure the system that unfolds the pantograph whatever the climatics conditions are with a heating mat.
  • Driver’s hands and feet need to be kept comfortably warm with heating mats.
  • Improve casting and drying of plastic and composite materials with heating elements.
  • Protect on-board electronics, simulate heat sources with heating element.
  • Freeze protection of the coupling and the cover plate which protects it with a heating mat.
  • Protect pipes and tanks from low temperature with heating mats.


Model T – TA – TV – TP
Heating wire Nickel-Copper or Nickel-Chrome
Heating element insulation Silicon elastomer
Max. surface 1.5 m2
Max. length 3 m
Max. width 1 m
Thickness ~ 3 mm (thicker at connection point)
Max. power 0.5 W/cm2
Permissible surface temperature From – 60°C to + 200°C
Max. temperature maintenance + 160°C
Tolerance Power ± 10%

The surface temperature according to power

Power W/cm2 Surface temperature (°C)
0.05 50
0.10 70
0.15 90
0.20 110
0.25 130
0.30 145
0.35 160
0.40 175
0.45 190
0.50 205
0.55 215
0.60 230
0.70 250
0.80 265
0.90 280
1.00 290

The above table gives surface temperatures for heating mats according to their power level in W/cm2, measured in the following conditions:
Heating mats placed on a 1.5mm thick horizontal aluminium plate in a calm atmosphere at +20°C. The plate is suspended in the air. Temperatures are recorded after stabilising.


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