Temperature Indicator – Shimaden SD16A Series


  • DIN Size 48 x 96 mm
  • ±0.3% High Accuracy Indication
  • Large 20 mm bright display
    Make reading from long distance and low light location easier
  • Multi-inputs & Multi-ranges
    User selectable Thermocouple, RTD, V, mV and Current inputs
    A 250Ω resistor is required across the input terminal for 4-20mA DC
  • Inverse scaling possible
    With voltage and current input signals, normal and inverse scaling is possible.
    Additionally, normal and inverse scaling is possible for the analog output signals.
  • Dust and splash proof front panel
    Equivalent to IP66
  • Wide range of optional features
    Alarms, analog output signals and communication interface
    (RS-232C or RS-485: MODBUS / Shimaden) available
    Sensor power supply 24V DC available
    A six-point selector switch, (the KR16A series), is available for combined use.

SD16A Series temperature indicator of large display multi-input (thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage) with 48 x 96 mm size, character height 20 mm. DC current signal can be used as an external shunt resistor. Can be used for indication and remote indication of temperature/humidity pressure.


Display Process value (PV) 7 segment Red LED 4 digits (H: 20mm)
Digital display 1 point of parameter display (SET) by green LED
Action display 1 point of communication display (COM) by green LED
2 points of alarm (AL1, AL2) by red LED
Display accuracy ±(0.3% FS+1 digit) within measuring range
Excluding cold junction temperature compensation accuracy in the case of thermocouple input
±5%FS for temperature below 400 °C of thermocouple B
When the thermocouple [T, U] indication value is 0 – 100 °C, 0.5%FS and when it is below -100 °C, 1%FS
Display accuracy range 23 °C ±5 °C (18 – 28 °C)
Display resolution Depends on measuring range (0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1)
Measured value display range -10 – 110% of measuring range (Accuracy guaranteed for value is within measuring range only)
For R.T.D. input of -200 – 600 °C: 210 – 680 °C
For thermocouple [K] input of -199.9 – 800 °C: -273.1 – 900.0 °C
Display update cycle 0.25 – 5.00 seconds configurable (0.25 seconds step)
When 0.5 second or more is set, there may occur a difference among the displayed value, the analog output and the communication data.
Setting By four (4) front key switches
Setting range Same as measuring range
Setting protection Keylock ON/OFF
Type of input Three-type multiple input of Thermocouple, R.T.D., Voltage (mV, V)
Thermocouple B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, {U, L (DIN 43710)}, WRe5-26
Refer to measuring range code table
External resistance 100 Ω max.
Input impedance 500 KΩ max.
Burnout Standard (Up-scale)
Cold junction temperature compensation accuracy ±1 °C (18 – 28 °C range)
±2 °C (5 – 18 °C, 28 – 45 °C range)
(±5 °C to the negative side of measuring range in case of T and U input)
R.T.D. JIS Pt100 Ω 3-wire type
Amperage Approx. 0.25mA
Lead wire tolerable resistance 5 Ω max. / wire (3 lead wire should have same resistance)
When the resistance value of each wire is same
0 – 5 Ω: 0.05 °C, 5 – 10 Ω: 0.2 °C, 10 – 20 Ω: 0.6 °C, 20 – 30 Ω: 1.4 °C max.
Voltage (mV) 0 – 10mV DC
Voltage (V) 0 – 5V, 1 – 5V, 0 – 10V DC
Input impedance 500 KΩ min.
Current 4 – 20mA DC
Input impedance 250 Ω [A shunt resistor needs to be connected to the terminal]
Input scaling function Scaling possible for voltage (mV, V) or current (mA) input and inverse scaling possible.
Scaling range -1999 – 9999 unit
Span 10 – 10000 unit
Position of decimal point 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001
Sampling cycle 0.25 seconds
PV bias  -1999 – 2000 unit
PV filter 0 – 100 seconds (0 = without filter)
Isolation Isolated between input and analog output (sensor power supply), or between input and communication. Not isolated between input and system.
Alarm output (option)
Number of alarm points 2a (AL1 and AL2) for both normal open and common
Alarm type Selectable from combinations of the following 4 types
Higher limit absolute value (latching function)
Lower limit absolute value (latching function)
Alarm setting range Within measuring range or within full scaling range
Alarm action ON-OFF action
Alarm sensitivity 1 – 999 unit Within measuring range
Alarm output / rating Contact 1a (common) / 240V, AC1.5A (resistive load)
Alarm output update cycle 0.25 seconds
Analog output (option) / Not selectable with the sensor power supply  
Analog output type 0 – 10mV DC (output resistance: 10 Ω)
0 – 10V DC (load current: 1mA max.)
4 – 20mA DC (load resistance: 300 Ω max.)
Output resolution Approx. 1/14000
Output accuracy ±(0.3%FS + 1 digit) of display value
Output scaling Within measuring range or input scaling range (inverse scaling possible)
Output update cycle 0.25 seconds
Communication (option)
Communication type RS-232C, RS-485
Communication system Half duplex start-stop synchronized system
Communication speed 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps
Data bit length 7 bit even parity 1 stop bit
8 bit non parity 1 stop bit
Data format 7E1, 7E2, 7N1, 7N2, 8E1, 8E2, 8N1, 8N2
Communication address 1 – 100
Multi-drop connection 31 max. (with RS-485)
Communication delay 1 – 100 milli-seconds
Communication protocol Shimaden standard protocol, MODBUS ASCII, MODBUS RTU
Communication code Shimaden standard protocol: ASCII
MODBUS RTU: binary
Others Start character and BCC operation method can be selected for Shimaden standard protocol.
Sensor power supply (option)
Output rating 24V±3V DC 25mA max.
ON/OFF Depending upon instrument’s power ON-OFF status.
Restrictions Sensor power supply can’t be selected when the analog output is selected. Sensor power supply can’t be selected when the power supply 24V is selected.
Data storage By non volatile memory (EEPROM)
Ambient conditions for use Temperature and Humidity -10 – 50 °C/90%RH max. (on condition that there is no dew condition)
Height 2000m above sea level or lower
Installation category Category II
Degree of pollution Degree 2
Power supply voltage 100 – 240V AC±10%, 50/60Hz
24V AC (50/60Hz) /DC±10% (option)
Power consumption 11VA (100˜240V AC), 7VA (24V AC), 5W (24V DC)
Applicable standard Safety EMC IEC61010-1, EN61010-1
EN61326:1997+A1:1998, A2:2001, A3:2003
EMC testing display accuracy ±3%FS
Dust proof/Drip proof IP66 (Complies with the IEC 529-IP66)
Insulation resistance Between input/output terminal and power supply terminal:
500V DC 20 MΩ minimum
Between input/output terminal and protective conductor terminal
500V DC 20 MΩ minimum
Dielectric strength Between all input/output terminals and power terminal:
2300V AC for one minute (faradic current 1mA)
Between power terminal and ground terminal:
1500V AC for one minute (faradic current 1mA)
Case material PPO resin molding (equivalent to UL94V-1)
External dimensions H48 x W96 x D110 mm
Mounting Push-in panel (one-touch mount)
Panel thickness 1.0˜4.0 mm
Panel cutout H45 x W92 mm
Weight Approx. 250g

Ordering Information

SERIES SD16A – Temperature Indicator DIN Size 48 × 96 mm
INPUT (Note 1) 8 Universal-input
· Thermocouple
· R.T.D. (Pt100, JPt100)
· Voltage (Input impedance 500 kΩ min.)
· 0 – 10mV DC
· 0 – 5, 1 – 5, 0 – 10V DC
Refer to “4. Measuring range
code table” for details.
In case voltage input, scaling/
reverse scaling is available.
(Note 2)
4 Current 4 – 20mA DC
An external receiving resistor is provided.
Scaling/reverse scaling
available (Note 2)
POWER SUPPLY 90- 100 – 240 V AC±10% (50/60 Hz)
08- 24V AC ±10% (50/60Hz) / 24V DC±10% (Note: 2)
1 Separate setting/separate output 2-point (a-contact, “COM” used commonly)
Contact rating 240V AC 1.5A/resistive load
0 None
3 0 – 10mV DC Output resistance: 10 Ω Scaling/reverse scaling available
(Within measuring range)
4 4 – 20mA DC Load resistance: 300 Ω max.
6 0 – 10V DC Load resistance: 1mA max.
8 Sensor power supply 24V DC 25mA max. (Note:3)
5 RS-485 Shimaden standard protocol/MODBUS (RTU/ASCII) communication protocol
7 RS-232C Shimaden standard protocol/MODBUS (RTU/ASCII) communication protocol
REMARKS 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering)

Note 1: The instrument supports full universal input; however please select one of two codes, as an external receiving resistor (250Ω) is supplied for current input. If no external receiving resistor is required, a code 8 specification product can be used for current input.

Note 2: Scaling range: -1999 ~ 9999 Unit
Span: 10 ~ 10000 Unit

Note 3: When the 08 power supply code (24V AC/DC) is selected, the sensor power supply cannot be selected.


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