Variable Area Flow Meter – Vetrix VA Series


  • Mechanical display and LCD display
  • Robust and universal
  • The short-stroke design allows the measurement of high flow rate using a relative short metering tube
  • Special application is for hazardous, dangerous or aggressive fluid, for high temperature and high pressure rates
  • All stainless steel design provides a safe measurement of a variety of liquids, gases and steam- The measuring section can be equipped with a heating jacket
  • Standard rotameter is mounted in a vertical pipeline with flow direction upwards

The variable Area Flow meter is an instrument for measuring the flow of liquids or gases in pipelines. It includes a vertical tube through which the fluid flows whose diameter increases from the bottom to the top and a float which can move vertically in the tube. As the flow increases this float moves to a higher position until its resistance to the fluid flow is balanced by the float’s buoyed weight in the fluid, a value which is constant and independent of the flow rate. The position of the iloat is a measure of the flow rale. The flow rate values can be read on a scale.


  • Gas supply equipment
  • Electric power
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Metal
  • Medical


Application Range (1)Gas; (2)Liquid; (3)Steam
Turn down Ratio 10:01
Accuracy (Refer to the accuracy on the nameplate) ±1.0% & ±1.5% &± 2.5%
Max. Process Temperature T1 level:150℃
T2 level:300℃
T3 level:350℃
Nominal Operating Pressure DN15…DN50: ≤4.0Mpa
DN65…DN200: ≤1.6Mpa
Max. Pressure Rating DN15:32Mpa; DN25:25Mpa;DN50: 20Mpa
DN80:10Mpa;DN100: 6.4Mpa
DN125…DN150: 4.0Mpa
Connection Thread; Tri-clamp; Wafer; Flange

Ordering Information

Model Suffix Code Description
VA- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Variable Area Flow Meter
Diameter XXX 015: DN15
100: DN100
200: DN200
Power Supply N Mechanical Display; No output
A1 Mechanical Display; 0-1000Hz Output
A2 Mechanical Display; 4-20mA Output; 24V DC
B LCD Display; No Output; Battery
C LCD Display; Pulse Output; 24V DC
D LCD Display; 4-20mA + Pulse Output; 24V DC power supply
Notice RS485 and Hart are optional for C and D converter
Reset Function Y Yes
N No
Flow Range XX Refer to the Range Table
Fluid L Liquid
G Gas
Material S4 Body and Float: SS304
S6 Body and Float: SS316
SF Body: SS304; Float: PTFE
XX On request
Installation Way H Horizontal Installation
V Vertical Installation
Structure 1 Standard Structure
2 Heat Insulation
3 Damper for gas measurement
4 High Temperature
5 High Pressure
Explosion Proof NA Safety Field without Ex-Proof
CT Exib II CT4
Connection DXX D16: DIN PN16 flange; D25: DIN PN25 …
AXX A15: ANSI 150# flange; A30: ANSI 300#…
JXX J10: JIS 10K flange; J20: JIS 20K …


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