Veris H614 Current Switch


  • Microcontroller based learning technology – automatically learns load upon initial power-up minimizes calibration labor
  • Automatic trip point – automatic trip point (1.5 to 150 A, 12 to 115 Hz) detect abnormal events
  • Under and over-load – microcontroller based learning technology automatically learns load
  • Saves space – small size fits easily inside small starter enclosures
  • 100% solid-state no moving parts to fail
  • LED status
  • Induced from monitored conductor sensor power

Veris Industries is an energy and environmental sensor partner that provides quality products for commercial HVAC and other automation applications. We offer complete lines of reliable, long-lasting innovative power monitoring products.

The Hawkeye H614 is a microprocessor-based, self-learning, self-calibrating current-sensitive switching device designed for use with VFD systems. At initial power-up, the H614 automatically learns the average current on the line with no action required by the installer. Once a current is learned, the switch monitors for changes in current greater than +/-20% of the learned load. When calibrated for a given VFD system, the H614 is tolerant of gradual drifts in frequency due to expected conditions, such as an accumulation of debris in a filter, while still detecting a sudden drop due to a potential abnormal system condition (e.g., belt loss or other mechanical failure).

Dimensional Drawing

Wiring Diagram


  • Monitoring fans, pumps, motors, and other electrical loads for proper operation
  • Detecting belt loss and motor failure…ideal for fan and pump status
  • Verifying lighting circuit loads
  • Monitoring critical motors (compressor, fuel, etc.)
  • Monitoring industrial process equipment status (OEM)


Model H614
Application  Building Automation Systems
Current Measurement Range  1.5 – 150 A
Current Sensor type Current Switch, VFD, Automatic
Electrical Wiring Size   24 – 14 AWG (0.2 – 2.1 mm²)
Measurement Type AC Current | VFD
Monitored Frequency Range 12 – 115 Hz
Monitored Wire Size   0.5″ (12 mm)
Mounting  Split Core
Operating Humidity 10 – 90% RH, non-condensing
Operating Temperature  5 – 140 °F (-15 – 60 °C)
Output Specifications  N.O. 1 A @ 30 VAC/DC
Outputs Switch output
Product Certification  UL | CE
Product Type   Sensor
Range  VFD Series
Relay Coil Voltage  None
Relay Contact Ratings None
Relay Poles/Throw None
Setpoint  Automatic Calibration
Warranty 5 years


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