Wireless Four Channels Datalogger Thermometer (K/J/E/T/N/R/S Type, Bluetooth) – CENTER 521


  • T1-T2 function
  • Temperature alarm function
  • Data Hold function
  • Adjustable auto power-off time setting
  • Fast response with high accuracy
  • Measures K, J, E, T, N, R, S type thermocouples
  • Min/Max/Avg recording of all channels
  • USB interface, PC software included
  • Datalogging up to 32,000 points each channel
  • Large backlit LCD shows all channels on display
  • Recall function to instantly read out up to 100 sets manually saved data
  • Bluetooth capability

Dpstar Group is a leading supplier of handheld test instruments since the ’90s. We offer a wide range of industrial testing meters and environmental monitoring instruments. These include digital multimeter, clamp meters, insulation testers, thermocouple/infrared/RTD thermometers, sound level meters, light meters, and gas leakage detectors. Our goal is to continuously provide the customers not only more innovative, higher accuracy, and better quality products, but also excellent customer services and supports.

The CENTER 521 is equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, which allows users to wirelessly real-time monitor or transfer logged data to computers or mobile devices. It supports K, J, E, T, N, R, S types of thermocouple probes. The tilt stand design makes the unit easy to stand on the desk for reading on-site. The large backlit LCD screen also helps the users to read the data in any environment. Fast sampling rate is able to capture dramatic temperature change in a short period of time.


For use as handheld digital thermometer or for data logging of temperature probes.  A wide range of probes can be used for various applications. Can also connect to a smartphone or tablet for recording, display, and live readings.


Measurement Range -200°C~1370°C; -328°F~2498°F
Accuracy ±0.1%rdg+0.7°C; ±0.1%rdg+1.4°F
Resolution 0.1°C; 0.1°F
Input Protection 30Vrms Maximum
Battery Type 1.5V AAA size Battery x 4 pcs
Operating Condition 0°C to 50°C(<90%RH)
Storage Condition -20°C to 60°C(<75%RH)
Dimensions 187 x 75 x 29 (mm)
Accessories User’s manual, micro USB cable, battery, Windows software,
carrying case, K type bead probe x 2 pcs, BT-01 Bluetooth adapter.


CENTER 521 Wireless Four Channels Datalogger Thermometer (K,J,E,T,N,R,S Type, Bluetooth)_DpstarGroup