Since the 90’s, Dpstar has been a leading manufacturer of temperature sensing devices. We manufacture a full line of standard and custom thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s), and thermowell assemblies. We understand the needs of our diverse range of esteemed clients. We use our engineering expertise to offer complete equipment and to supply fully integrated systems for different industries.

In most applications, temperature is a parameter that needs to be constantly monitored. This is because the functioning of an application depends on the temperature. Hence, monitoring is important to make sure the optimal temperature is maintained at all times. An RTD Sensor is a device that tracks the temperature of an application by measuring the change in resistance of the sensor in relation to temperature. RTD sensors are used across several industries to perform the important task of temperature detection. Compared to other temperature sensing devices, RTDs have proven to be some of the most accurate in the industry. These devices are useful when accuracy and stability of measurements is essential.

Industry Applications

Food Processing

Every aspect of food production requires constant monitoring of temperature. RTD sensors are used during manufacturing, storage, and shipping. Food-industry RTDs are gaining popularity because they offer accurate readings for narrow temperature ranges and provide stability for long periods of time. RTDs are suited for fryer basket applications and for grill and griddle cooking units. Much like a thermowell, enclosing the RTD can ensure accurate temperature readings in environments where preventing liquid and oil from coming into contact with the sensor is essential.


RTD sensors are widely used to measure temperature at many places in the automotive industry. RTD sensors are used to measure engine temperature, air temperature, external temperature, and water levels. The benefit of RTD sensors for the auto industry is that they do not heat up and are flexible and adaptable.


Recent developments have led to an increasing demand for high temperature control and thermal heating solutions for the semiconductor industry. The requirements of the semiconductor industry necessitate temperature measuring devices specifically designed and engineered t°it their manufacturing environment. In the complex conditions of wafer processing, RTD sensors provide the necessary repeatability, accuracy, and stability.


RTD sensors are used in different processes in pharmaceuticals. The production of drugs requires close temperature monitoring and control. Increases and decreases in temperature can damage a batch and its formulation. Achieving the proper thermal capability is an essential part of research, formulation, testing, and production. The unique nature of the pharmaceutical industry requires the construction of precise instruments designed to meet the requirements of diverse temperature readings.


The chemical industry has strict requirements regarding temperature control. The results of research and experimentation necessitate maintaining an accurate and precise environment. The various special chambers and integrated systems use RTD sensors as monitors and controls to ensure accuracy and safety.


An averaging RTD measures temperature along a duct or across a sectional area, resulting in more accurate information about the overall conditions inside HVAC units. RTD sensors are used for monitoring temperature, fire detection, and climate control. RTDs are commonly found in ducts and heat exchangers to help HVAC equipment run more efficiently.  Its Pt100 sensor measures temperature along the entire length of the wires, which minimizes the risk of getting a too-hot or too-cold reading in gas compressors, air exchangers, and HVAC assemblies.


A Temperature measuring instruments in aircrafts provide instant and precise feedback for monitoring temperature changes in real time. In an engine, RTD sensors measure the temperature of the fuel and hydraulic oils and coolants. The sensors prevent these components from overheating the engine and causing a safety risk. In the cabin, RTD sensors are used to monitor the internal temperatures within the aircraft flight deck and cabin.

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