Why choose Ewiselink Air Cooler? Evaporative cooling is not a new idea. In fact, it’s as old as nature itself.

Did you ever wonder why you feel cooler by an ocean or river? It’s because of natural evaporation. A sea breeze feels cooler because hot air is blown over the water causing some of the water to evaporate and absorb heat. The air becomes a refreshing breeze.

1. Up to 50% cheaper to buy and install than other cooling systems.
2. Up to 80% cheaper to operate than air conditioning.
3. Good for your health. Gentle on nose, eyes and skin
4. Minimizes recirculation of air borne germs
5. Kind to allergy and asthma sufferers
6. Good for indoor plants.
7. Designed to suit hot, dry climates.
8. Circulates fresh clean air.


1. Low investment and running costs
2. No compressors are used, just a fan and a water pump are necessary.
3. Compared to conventional air conditioning Ewiselink cooler can be 5 times cheaper to install and 8 times cheaper to run!
4. Easy installation
5. No need for complicated ductwork. Choice of down or side discharge

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