For any specific requirements in instrumentation, Dpstar will be pleased to support you from the definition of specifications to the delivery of a suitable turn-key measurement solution.

Here are the fields for which Dpstar can bring its know-how and skills:


  • Dried food, seeds…
  • Construction materials : concrete, cement…
  • Metal parts
  • Chemicals


  • Paper, wood, cement, glue…
  • Chemicals
  • Dried food, seeds…
  • Soils, sand


  • Thickness variation (metal, glue…)
  • Non-contact distance measurement
  • Surface flatness
  • Wobbling, dynamic displacement

Process signals:

  • Chemicals
  • Sensor technology

An absolute expertise

  • Definition of specifications with the customer
  • Choice or design of the system parts
  • Implementation of the system in the customer environment
  • Training
  • Maintenance of the system

Wide fields of applications

Our expertise applies on various sectors and fields of application:

  • Energy
  • Pharmacy
  • Food processing
  • Equipment for production
  • Equipment for test bench
  • Automotive

For more information, please visit our website. You can contact Ms.Toh for any questions via the phone number 012-295 1393 or email to [email protected]