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The pressure of the gas in a tank is created by the number of collisions the molecules have with each other and with the surface of the tank. Increasing the number of collisions will increase the gas flow rate. Temperature control is the most important factor in increasing gas flow rate, due to its influence on the movement of molecules that make up the gas. When the temperature is lower, it is very difficult to maintain an optimal gas flow rate. Lower temperatures will cause fewer collisions in the tank. This prevents the gas from vaporizing, rendering it virtually useless. Propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen, and other compressed gasses need temperature control to ensure optimal gas flow rates. Bringing the tank/system up to a temperature above the cooler existing ambient temperature will result in increased pressure, flow and efficiency.

Dpstar has the best tank heating solution in the market. Our heating solution will help maintain the pressure and efficiency of almost any tank sizes. Dpstar produces and designs flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters to raise and maintain elevated temperatures of the gas in the tanks. Our ceramic heating pads are constructed of high-grade Nickel-Chrome 80/20, 19-stranded resistance wire which runs through durable aluminum oxide ceramics beads. It offers high-temperature resistance, excellent insulating property, and efficient thermal conductivity, which provides exceptional electrical insulation, thermal shock resistance, and thermal conductivity qualities. These elements power rating is 240V, 50 KW (tank 1), and 81 KW (tank 2) with a current-carrying capacity of 150 Amps (tank 1) and 200 Amps (tank 2). The heating elements can be simply wrapped around the tanks and secured in position with strips. The element tails are connected to the power source by suitably rated cabling system. These flexible ceramic pad heaters provide uniform heat for controlling temperatures of compressed gasses and a uniform barrier of heat across the entire tank, as well as other parts of the gas delivery system. This superior heating solution reduces cost by optimizing tank temperatures and increasing gas flow rates.

Items Supplied

Tank Size: 1,000mm Diameter X 1000mm High x 2 units
Power rating: 240V – 50KW /150ampere ( Tank 1 )
Power rating: 240V – 81KW /200ampere ( Tank 2 )
Heater dimension: 335mmW X 720mm Lg. X 6pcs ( Tank 1 )
Heater dimension: 335mmW X 720mm Lg. X 9pcs ( Tank 2 )
Temperature: 500 degree C