We know how difficult it can be to maintain water and wastewater systems over their life cycle, especially those with proprietary controllers or inadequate integration. As an automation control systems integrator, we have been overcoming the challenges of wastewater facilities for more than 30 years. As your partner, we work with you to design, implement and integrate innovative solutions that meet your unique needs. We help you gain access to the information you need to monitor the flow of your operations through system automation and monitoring that is designed specifically to meet your needs. Our commitment is to deliver cost-effective, results-based solutions that give you operational efficiency, reliability, ease of use, and peace of mind.  The Dpstar portfolio includes products, solutions, and services covering the entire electrical, control, and instrumentation scope for wastewater treatment projects. Our long experience in the wastewater industry gives us the process expertise and know-how to support you in identifying and implementing measures that improve and optimize operations, creating measurable performance improvements. Dpstar provides plant installation and commissioning for individual plant items or complete wastewater plants. Our engineers can work with you to overcome any technical or process challenges on your wastewater infrastructure to allow you to select the most appropriate equipment to suit the application that meets your budgetary requirements.

A wastewater treatment system is nothing without properly integrated controls and instrumentation.  With limited staff and time, it can be challenging to monitor your entire operation. Through reliable communication methods, your water towers, lift stations, and booster stations can be monitored via a central control system. Our objective is to maximize plant efficiency and productivity with real-time automation controls to provide more consistent operations, resulting in peace of mind for plant operators plus savings in costs and time. The PLC operates as a system control unit to monitor and control the entire process of the system control. PLC has its own hardware self-diagnosis function, in the debugging process can be based on the instructions on the PLC, and its own diagnostic fault information on troubleshooting the debugging process greatly facilitates the maintenance. The purpose is to achieve more intelligent sewage detection in the process of sewage treatment and further improve the accuracy and immediacy of monitoring data. You need to quickly diagnose concerns and get fast response times. We give you the tools and information you need to adjust processes as needed.

Process automation and control systems serve a vital role in the safe and reliable operation of a water treatment plant. Dpstar engineers are highly experienced in developing water treatment control systems to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify operations. We successfully designed and built a system to monitor and control the new wastewater treatment plant at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. The proposed automation solution for the wastewater treatment plant involves the use of control systems that run the facility, PLC continuously monitors the operation of pumps, closures, and other devices, collects and executes commands coming from the higher levels. PLC is used to control various processes based on the data and the built-in algorithm. According to the given specifications, a control panel was created in a suitable SCADA software for the control and monitoring of wastewater treatment facilities, the communication between the SCADA application and the local PLC controller is necessary.  Dpstar SCADA system allows user to monitor their system process operation, acknowledge alarms, generate analysis charts/reports, and external viewer through network connectivity. Dpstar control system is meet the design requirements of the system, greatly enhance the degree of automation in chemical production, greatly improve the accuracy of wastewater treatment, improve the efficiency of the use of human labor and equipment production efficiency, and also achieve good results in production. Are you looking for a system integrator with lower expenses on programming costs and better service? Contact us today!

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