Dpstar provides the most comprehensive automated process control systems to meet a range of manufacturing goals. We customize the solution to meet your exact requirements and needs. Whether you need to upgrade your present system to meet changing requirements or need a fully automated control system for a new process application. With our process experience and knowledge combines with our intimate familiarity with the latest control and automation components and software can match your specific equipment or process with the best process controls and automation system for your application. Our product is flexible and user-friendly programming which makes them an ideal tool for industrial process control. They will ensure the smooth efficient and trouble-free running of your plant or production line and will bypass the need for many costly pieces of equipment necessary in the traditional style of process control.  

Process control technology allows manufacturers to keep their operations running within specified limits and to set more precise limits to maximize profitability, ensure quality and prioritize safety. Process control is commonly used for mass production. Due to its precise nature, it enables the automation of industrial processes. With the proper information and equipment, a small staff of operating personnel can operate even the most complex processes from a central control room. 

Food & Beverage Industry

Automatic Fruit Juice Composing System 

Logical functions implemented in SIMEX MultiCon makes simple control procedures available. Depending on tanks level our device switches batch valves. After finishing whole sequence our controller switches the pump on. Those levels are seen on CMC screen. There is a possibility to implement some outputs as the alarm signals. There are simple controller and HMI unit collected in one single device. There is no need to create visualization application and control procedures separately. 

Sorting line controller 

The simplest form of product sorting consists of an analysis of a single feature of the products. If it is necessary to analyze multiple parameters, the process can be conducted in several simple steps or in a single comprehensive step, but, in such cases, simple logical conditions are no longer sufficient. It is necessary to collect all information about the product and then, using combinations of logical conditions, accordingly control the outputs, which can easily be done by the MultiCon controller equipped with mathematical logic functions. The arguments of those functions can be binary or numerical values, and the large number of logic channels enable the creation of comprehensive combinations of conditions with outputs that affect the behavior of line actuators. 


The functions of the recorder can be used not only in stationary processes. MultiCon can, for instance, be installed on a semitrailer of a tractor carrying goods for which the receiver requires suitable transport conditions. If necessary, the device can be placed in a durable P130 case and the MultiPrint printer can print out an easy-to-read report concerning the entire transport period. 

Pharmaceuticals Industry 

The industry of pharmaceuticals is highly sensitive to the changes of environmental conditions. It is very important for the quality of production as well as employee safety to control temperature, humidity or pressure in particular production processes. Here’s where the MultiCon comes to assist you. It is capable of measuring any non-electric values while being an ideal dosing system, meter of cycles or an alarm unit. Any information about the collected signals can be stored in the internal 1.5 GB memory. 

Wood Industry 

Exemplary applications of MultiCon include the recording of wood drying parameters. With the multi-channel input modules, the device is capable of monitoring temperature and moisture content, both inside the chamber and of the wood itself. If the process is more demanding, MultiCon can also be used to control those parameters, maintaining them at a constant level or implementing the time profile set by the user. 

Construction Industry  

Another area where MultiCon controllers can be used is the construction industry. Examples of such uses include the control of crane tilt based on analog signals from the tilt sensors. Those signals are scaled and converted in accordance with requirements of the given application. Analog outputs enable the transmission of information about tilt to further components of the control system, and they often directly affect the actuators. 

Metal Industry

The large number of functions of the MultiCon makes it suitable for simultaneous recording and control, which may be useful in chemical metal treatment processes. The process engineers in such applications would then be capable of observing all relevant parameters, e.g., the concentration of the individual elements in the bath, pH or temperature, and also to control the parameters that are essential to the given process, e.g., electrical current intensity, etc. In long cycles, the function of conditional recording can also come in handy. It will enable data recording in emergencies or modification of key parameters to ensure transparency of data and facilitate later work. Remote access to the MultiCon screen also reduces the time during which the personnel have to remain in unhealthy conditions. 

Paper Industry

MultiCon is use to control the process of rewinding and cutting a bale of paper in paper mills. Measurement of paper advance and guillotine starting point is performed with the use of a set of encoders ensuring a high accuracy. In order to monitor the production process, the data regarding the produced sheets are registered. 

Petrochemical Industry

MultiCon as a universal controller and recorder can be applied in many industry branches. One of the key industries is the petrochemical sector. Owing to the large number of various inputs/outputs, the MultiCon may easily measure temperature, pressure and the media level in tanks simultaneously. It is equipped with flow measuring modules and enables to precisely determine the current flow rate, dose media to tanks and calculate the total flow value. Global access to the device is ensured through Ethernet which also makes it easier to download data. 1.5 GB of internal storage of the MultiCon enables to store up to 125,000,000 samples.  

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