Alarm Setter (Dual Points) – Shimaden CP3705 Series


  • Slim-shaped plug-in converter with isolated single/dual- output
  • DIN Rail mounting or Lateral mounting
  • Power supply 100 – 240V AC or 24V DC
  • Moisture-proof coating is applied as standard.
  • CE marking applied (applicable standard: EMC: EN61326-1)

This Slim-shaped Plug-in Isolated Dual points Alarm Setter, CP3705 functions to generate two independent relay contact ON/OFF outputs by comparing high level DC input signal with two pre-set trip points (higher and lower limits).


Input DC voltage or DC current (see ordering code)
Input resistance Voltage input: 1MΩmin. (1MΩ when power failure/constant input)
Current input: 250Ω
Input tolerable range Voltage input: 30V DC
Current input:40mA DC
Alarm action method High/Low Limit, High/High Limit, Low/Low Limit
Alarm setting method By front rotary switch
Alarm setting range 0 – 99% of input signal
Alarm setting resolution 1%FS
Alarm setting accuracy ±0.5%FS
Alarm output Relay contact 2 outputs (c contact)
Alarm action hysterisis 1.0% ±0.3% FS
Contact capacity 125V AC 5A, resistive load
Conversion accuracy Within ±0.1% at 25±5°C
Conversion output DC voltage, current (see ordering code)
Input response speed 150m sec. max. (0-90%) at 100% step input
Limitation of relay action Relay starts to action about 2 seconds after the power is turned ON.
Power supply 100 – 240V AC ±10% or 24V DC±10%
Power consumption 5vA max. at 100-240V AC
2W max. at 24V DC
Operating ambient temperature -5 – 55°C
Operating ambient humidity 5 – 90%RH (No dew condensation)
Stock temperature -10 – 60°C
Isolation resistance 100M Ω min. at 500V DC, between input, out 1, out 2, power supply and ground terminals
Dielectric strength 1 minutes at 2000V AC, between input, out 1, out 2, power supply and ground terminals
1 minutes at 500V AC, between out 1 and out 2
Materials Housing: ABS resin (UL94V-0)
Terminal block: PBT resin (UL94V-0)
Terminal block cover: PC resin (UL94V-2)
Din-rail stopper: PP resin (UL94-HB)
External dimensions 88 (H) x 29 (W) x D125 (H)mm
Weight Main body: 130g max.
Terminal block: 80g max.

Ordering Information

Series CP3705- Alarm Setter (Dual Points)
Input 1 0 – 5V DC
4 0 – 10V DC
5 1 – 5V DC
6 4 – 20mA DC
9 Others (Please consult before ordering.)
Alarm Action 03 High/Low Limit Alarm
07 Low/Low Limit Alarm
08 High/High Limit Alarm
Power Supply 90- 100 – 240V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
08- 24V DC ±10%
Remarks 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)


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