AOIP SN 8310 Benchtop DC Voltage And Current Source Standard With High Accuracy Of 0.002%


The SN 8310 is a standard source generating voltage and current. It supplies voltages from 100 nV to 110 V and currents from 1 nA to 110 mA with accuracies of 0.002% (20 ppm).


AOIP SN 8310 is a reliable source that generates both voltage and current. It offers a wide range of voltages from 100 nV to 110 V and currents from 1 nA to 110 mA, with impressive accuracies of 0.002% (20 ppm). Fully programmable via RS 232 bus (and / or IEEE 488 optional) and rack mountable, the AOIP SN 8310 fits perfectly into a test bench, but also easy to use on-site due to its mobility and storage capability for measurements. This application is facilitated by its reduced size and its autonomy on internal battery. It takes 30 seconds to warm up and be accurate to 0.002% of the final value, and 5 minutes to reach 0.0002% accuracy.

The extreme precision of the AOIP SN 8310, its resolution, its stability and its wide range open the way to a wide variety of applications, grouped into three main types:

  • Voltage and current reference for calibrating or testing table or panel voltmeters or ammeters, electronic systems such as dividers, amplifiers, converters, oscillators and other linear or non-linear components,
  • Simulation of sensors in µV, mV or mA to calibrate regulators, transmitter-recorders and other instruments used in process regulation,
  • Ultra-stable, high-precision programmable power supply .


Dimensions L x W x H 225 x 88 x 310 mm
Mass 2 to 3 kg depending on the model chosen
Screen Liquid crystal display, 1,100,000 dots, height: 11.5 mm
Food 115/230 V ± 10% (50/400 Hz)
Battery (optional) Type: 12 V accumulators
Autonomy: 2h to 3h30 depending on use
Charging time: 12 to 14 h
Communication interfaces RS 232
IEEE488 optional
Memory 200 emission values
Reference area 23 ° C ± 1 ° C (RH: 45 to 75% non-condensing)
Nominal operating range 0 to + 45 ° C (RH: 20 to 80% non-condensing)
Operating limit range 0 to + 50 ° C (RH: 10 to 80% non-condensing)
Storage conditions -30 ° C to + 55 ° C (-15 to + 50 ° C for version with charged battery)
Protection sign IP40 according to EN60529
Classroom Complies with European standard EN 61010-1
Category III, pollution 2
Assignment voltage with respect to earth 250 V
Shock and vibration resistance EN 61010-1
EMC compliance Immunity:
• Electrostatic discharges: EN 61000-4-2
• Radiated fields: EN 61000-4-3
• Shock waves: EN 61000-4-5
• Conducted disturbances: EN 61000-4-6
• Voltage dip: EN 61000-4-11
• Salvo: EN 61000-4-4Radiated emission and conduct:
• EN 55022, class B
• EN 61000-3-2
• EN 61000-3-3


AOIP SN 8310 Benchtop DC voltage and current source standard with high accuracy of 0.002_-DpstarGroup