Chromalox CZH Constant Wattage Zone Heater


  • Durable, non-aging fluoropolymer jacket ensures long service life and can be used in some hostile environments.
  • Flexible, easy to install on most equipment, and delivers long-term reliable performance.
  • Accurate temperature, and reliable electric heat that can be consistently controlled and easily monitored.
  • Parallel circuitry allows cut-to-length.
  • Low profile, uses standard size thermal insulation on piping and process equipment.

Chromalox CZH Cable is a multi-purpose heating cable designed for commercial pipe tracing, embedded floor warming, and frost heave prevention. Chromalox’s CZH Cable is constructed of a parallel heating core that produces uniform thermal output over its entire length. It can be easily cut to length, spliced, tee to more easily follow piping networks. Chromalox’s CZH Heating Cable can be placed in conduit embedded in concrete to prevent frost heave or placed onto concrete slabs for supplemental comfort heat. Chromalox’s CZH cable can even be placed inside of conduit for applications making replacement of the heating cable possible. Chromalox’s CZH is truly a versatile heating cable solution.

  • Uniform Thermal Output, Low Energy Cost
  • No Inrush at Any Ambient
  • Commercial Construction
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature, Power Off, 392°F (200°C)
  • 4, 8 and 12 W/Ft.
  • 120, 208-277, 480 Volt from Stock
  • Approximate Size .30″W x .25″H
  • Minimum Bend Radius 1-1/4″
  • For Use on Metallic Pipes
  • Consult Factory for Use on Plastic Pipes


  • Pipe Freeze Protection
  • Potable & Non-Potable Piping
  • Sanitary & Storm Piping
  • Flow Maintenance
  • Greasy Waste Piping
  • Diesel Fuel Piping
  • Freezer Frost Heave Prevention
  • Floor Warming


A. Twin 12 AWG Copper Buss Wires — Provide reliable, consistent electrical current.

B. FEP Insulation Jacket — Electrically insulates buss wires.

C. Pairing Jacket — Secures two buss wires together and provides wrapping surface for Nichrome wire.

D. Nickel Chromium Wire — Heating component of the cable.

E. FEP Insulation — Rugged outer sheath protects heating cable, assures longer service life, and provides protection against environmental application hazards.

F. Tinned Copper Braid — Plated copper braid increases robust construction, provides ground path and provides additional protection in any location. Suffix “C” in model number.

G. FEP Overjacket — Fluoropolymer overjacket, over the braid, provides protection from most aqueous and chemically corrosive solutions. Suffix“T” in model number

WARNING — A ground fault protection device is required by NEC to minimize the danger of fire if the heating cable is damaged or improperly installed. A minimum trip level of 30mA is recommended to minimize nuisance tripping.


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