Commercial Dehumidifier – ecostar ECOFD-I130D Series


  • Digital control with automatic function
  • Power-off memory
  • LED displays
  • 24 hours timer
  • Compressor delay start/stop
  • Overload protection
  • Single fan speed
  • Auto defrost

Dpstar is a leading supplier of Commercial Dehumidifiers in Malaysia. We set the standard with regards to energy-efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance. We offer dehumidifier system advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance support.

ECOFD-I130D is ergonomic design and more convenient to operate. Effective and efficient dehumidifying, large water tank, able to install in many areas and cater for more applications.


Office/Archives Room/Library
According to the ‘architectural design specifications for archives’, the temperature standard for archives is 14C-24C and the relative humidity is 45% – 60%RH, dehumidifier can effectively control the humidity of the archives and protect papers, documents, articles, micro-film and other media in good condition and preventing from mildew corrosion.

Production floor/Clean Room/Workshop
According to the humidity requirements of various pharmaceutical production, clean room, and workshops, dehumidifiers can help to control the required humidity. Maintaining the humidity of the production workshop within a stable range, ensure that the production environment meets the standard requirements, prevent drugs from dampening failure, and ensure the quality of pharmaceutical production. Avoid economic loss due to humidity changes.

Factory/Warehouse/Raw Materials Storage
During the wet season, it is easy to cause clothing and warehouse fabrics to be damp and moldy, metal zippers, buttons rust, light-colored clothing to grow spots and unpleasant odors. This not only affects sales but also directly affects the corporate image and brings about significant losses. Therefore, the clothing warehouse has to prevent moisture and dehumidify.

Laboratory/R&D Centre/Ambient Control Room
If the laboratory is in a relatively humid environment for a long time, it will affect the life and stability of the instrument, resulting in the mildew of laboratory consumables and even causing safety accidents. Dehumidifiers has the characteristics of stable performance, intelligent control of humidity, low noise operation, and so on, which is the common choice of many laboratories.


Model ECOFD-I130D (Without Tank)
Capacity 110L/Day
Airflow 700 cmh
Rated Current 5.5A
Refrigerant R410A
Noise Level ≤54dB(A)
Dimension 455(W)x 401(D) x 927(H) mm


ecostar ECOFD-I130D Series – Commercial Dehumidifier-DpstarGroup


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