Digital Pressure Gauges With Display – Tecsis P1900


  • With internal and external sensors
  • With digital 5-digit LED-display
  • Precision pressure gauge
  • Compact desktop case
  • Wide range of application through internal and external sensors
  • High resistance of sensors against aggressive medium
  • Option: electrical alarm contacts
  • Option: analog output

Electronic precision pressure gauges “DIGICOMB” are designed for different applications in the laboratory and in the measuring equipment monitoring. The instruments consist of electronically digital display, and optionally one or two internal precision sensors. Accordingly of the used sensors, the electronic precision pressure gauge is suitable for measuring positive and negative overpressures, absolute pressure and differential pressure.

The wetted parts are stainless steel and thus resistant to corrosive gases and liquids. For pressures above 1000 bar up to 10.000 bar, gauges with external sensors and cable connection are available. These gauges are also capable for measurements where a flush diaphragm pressure is required, eg: when pasty or crystallizing medium.

For the differential pressure measurement, two pressure sensors are required. The resulting difference is visible in the display electronics. Depending on the measurement task, there are devices “DIGICOMB” with an accuracy of 0.06% ± 1 digit to 1% ± 1 digit of full scale. All devices are delivered in an attache case and with a manufacturer’s certificate according to DIN 55350 Part 18. Electronic precision pressure gauges comply the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to EN 61326.


  • Monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Testing and calibration technology
  • Precision measurement
  • Test benches


Accuracy up to 0.06% +/- 1 digit
Measuring ranges
Overpressure negative: -1 … 0 bar  to -0.25 … 0 bar
positive:  0 … 0.1 bar to 0 … 10.000 bar
Absolute pressure 0 … 0.25 bar to 0 … 16 bar
Difference pressure 0 … 0.1 bar to 0 … 1.000 bar