Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Standard – Tecsis P2628 / P2634


  • Dual scale bar / mWS
  • Measuring system copper-alloy
  • Static pressure indicated for both sides
  • Accuracy class 1.6 (acc. to EN 837-1)
  • Differential pressure given on inner dial
  • Measuring system in compact design
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Connection position bottom, radial (fork entry)

These differential pressure gauges can be used for the measurement of inviscid and non-crystallising liquids and gases. The steel case contains two independently indicating Bourdon tube measuring systems. Both pointers turn around the same axle and give + and – pressure separately. The low-pressure is displayed by the pointer, that forms the dial.  The pressure difference between the low and high pressure side is given on this dial which may not exceed 50% of the full measuring range. Furthermore, the two individual pressure values can also be directly read.


  • Industrial heaters
  • Filter monitoring
  • Water-recycling plant


Nominal size ND 100 and ND 160
Measuring ranges 0 … 0.6 bar to 0 … 60 bar