Electromechanical Room Thermostats – Sunvic TLX 9000 Series


  • Highly reliable – fix and forget
  • Tamperproof options – ideal for public areas
  • Frost protection options – protect unoccupied buildings
  • High contact rating option – up to 20A
  • Weatherproof option – protects thermostat if used outdoors
  • Guard pack option – protects against physical damage
  • Changeover contacts options – controls heating & cooling with 1 unit

TLX 9000 Series Room Thermostats are sensing devices that measure the air temperature within a building and switch the central heating on or off according to the required level of comfort. Our expertise in room temperature control means that you will find a thermostat to suit a wide variety of applications. From basic 2 or 3 wire room thermostats to radio frequency digital models we have it covered. The range includes products suitable for industrial, commercial, and domestic installations.

Electromechanical range with stylish design

  • Stylish low profile design
  • Large setting dial with thumbwheel operation
  • LED status indicator
  • Changeover contacts
  • Double insulated
  • Adjustable range stops
  • Available in silver effect


  • Boiler, pumps, spring return motorised valves, and any device requiring on/off switching.



Model Nominal Stem Length Range (°C)
TLX 9201 5 ~ 35°C 230Vac, 10Amp, SPDT


Sunvic TLX 9000 Series Electromechanical Room Thermostats-DpstarGroup


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