Maltec-H Triple Immersion Heaters | Heating Elements


  • Used to heat fluids.
  • Controllable and accurate way of heating.
  • This allows for more controlled results, better quality and increased efficiency.

MALTEC range of screw-in immersion elements are designed with various sheath ratings to suit heating of most grades of oil, alkaline – cleaning solutions and water. Special wattages, voltages, lengths and diameters can be supplied on customer’s request.


304 Stainless Steel Heating element

Typical Applications

  • Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • Warming Equipment
  • Preheating All Grades of Oil
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Cleaning and Rinsing Tanks
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Process Air Equipment
  • Boiler Equipment
  • Freeze Protection of Any Fluid


Maltec-H Tripple Immersion Heater | Heating Elements-DpstarGroup


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