Huba 516 Series – OEM Pressure Sensor


  • Integrated amplifier electronics
  • No customer specific adjustment necessary
  • Excellent EMC capacity by reinforcement on measuring cell
  • Easy and quick fitting on PCB
  • Negligible temperature influence on accuracy

Huba 516 Series pressure transmitter, based on ceramic technology developed by Huba Control and proven over the last 20 years in millions of applications, offers high accuracy across all temperature ranges. This technology, combined with a unique integrated electronic design, provides an amplified ratiometric output signal. This allows for direct assembly without the need for user adjustments for temperature or pressure.


Medium Liquids and gases
Pressure range -1 … 0 – 16 bar
Output ratiom. 10 … 90% ratiom. 10 … 60% ±1.2 V
Accuracy < 0.5% fs
Electrical connection Flexible connector, RAST 2.54 mm
Pressure connection Plastic or metal quick fitting


Huba Control 516 pressure sensor transmitter –1 … 0 – 16 bar-DpstarGroup