Ecostar Eco5-TP4V100-24J – SCR | Eco5-TP | Three Phase Thyristor Power Regulator (100 Amp)


  • Independent adjustment of Max and BIAS.
  • Down-opened Panel, easy for fuse replacement.
  • VR of Max and SFS are installed in the front panel, easy for adjustment.
  • Multi-LED display panel makes the operating condition clear.
  • The auxiliary powers (AC1, AC2) are independently controlled for all models.
  • Build-in buffering output adjustment (SFS VR), adjusting range 1~22 seconds. (Only for the phase control product)
  • Top & bottom shielding covers are designed for safety and fashion out looking, also easy for wiring installation.

Ecostar Eco5-TP4V100-24J – SCR | Eco5-TP | Three Phase Thyristor Power Regulator (100 Amp)

Product features

  • Individual adjustment for Max and BIAS settings.
  • Convenient down-opened panel for easy fuse replacement.
  • Front-panel installation of VR for Max and SFS, facilitating adjustments.
  • Clear operating status indication through multi-LED display panel.
  • Independent control of auxiliary powers (AC1, AC2) for all models.
  • Incorporation of buffering output adjustment (SFS VR) for phase control products, with an adjustment range of 1 to 22 seconds.
  • Safety and aesthetic enhancement through top and bottom shielding covers, easing wiring installation.
  • Immediate system output shutdown in the event of a 0.5 Hz sudden power loss; subsequent power restoration includes buffered output to prevent voltage surge and fuse burnout.
  • Single specification design for main power, compatible with 200~480VAC.
  • Automatic power frequency detection for 50~60 Hz without manual selection or switching required.
  • Automatic detection and display of power out-of-phase, SCR overheating, and fuse burnout, with a single set of alarm dry contact output.
  • Instant system output halt in case of SCR overheating or fuse burnout, followed by buffered output upon malfunction resolution and power restoration to prevent fuse burnout.
  • Various control signals available for use, including 420mA, 15VDC, 210VDC, 020mA, 05VDC, 010VDC, and dry contact points.
  • Separate design for triggering circuit and main board to prevent main board damage during main circuit malfunctions.
  • Utilization of European detachable control signal connector for easy replacement without rewiring.

Outline description

Installation and ambient conditions

  • During operation, the power regulator generates heat; thus, vertical installation with empty space on two sides is recommended to prevent continuous temperature rise inside the regulator.
  • Proper ventilation holes, following the principle of hot air rising, or additional cooling fans are necessary on the control box.
  • Avoid installation in high-temperature or poorly ventilated areas; otherwise, the maximum operating capacity should be limited to 70% of the nominal capacity.
  • Installation in areas with heavy water evaporation, acidic, alkaline, or corrosive air should be avoided.
  • Ambient humidity should remain below 90% RH to prevent condensation.
  • Ambient temperature range: -10°C to 45°C.



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