Siemens SIPART DR21 Process Controller


  • Fixed-setpoint controller for control of one, two or three components, optionally also with two setpoints
  • DDC fixed-setpoint controller for control of one, two or three components
  • Slave controller, synchronous controller or SPC controller, optionally with internal or external switchover
  • Fixed or guided ratio controller with internal/external switchover
  • Master and manual control system, process indicator or setpoint sensor. The control algorithm is turned off here

Siemens SIPART DR21 Process Controller is a digital controller equipped with an extensive array of pre-configured functions stored in its program memory. These functions are readily accessible to users, serving as a foundation for engineering process control tasks, eliminating the need for programming expertise or additional tools.

Dimensional drawings

SIPART DR21 process controller, dimensions in mm

SIPART DR21 process controller, panel cutouts



Enclosure IP30
Electrical safety – According to EN 61010-1
– Protection class I according to IEC 536
– Protective separation of line connection and field signals
– Clearance and creepage distances, unless expressly mentioned otherwise, for overvoltage category III and pollution degree 2
Weight, basic unit Approx. 1.2 kg
Enclosure and front frame polycarbonate, glass-fiber reinforced


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