Siemens SIPART DR24 Process Controller


  • Computer for mathematical equations, chronological processes, logic operations and parallel computation processes
  • Programmers (timers) also in connection with closed-loop controllers, calculations and open-loop controllers
  • Closed-loop controllers with continuous manipulated variable and/or three-point step controllers; inputs and outputs of the controller blocks can be freely configured, e.g. with computation and control functions; as individual controller or for parallel operation of up to four independent control loops, for selection controllers, cascade controllers, SPC or DDC operation
  • Program controllers; up to 8 programs
  • Boiler controllers with mathematical evaluation of the process variables (min./max. selection, correction calculator, etc.)
  • Burner controllers with control functions
  • Thermodynamic process controllers and calculations (enthalpy)
  • Furnace and zone controllers with scheduled setpoint control and linearization
  • Test bed open-loop and closed-loop control
  • Process controllers along conveyor lines (e.g. conveyor belt) with dead time element
  • Pump limit controllers
  • Transformers of analog and binary process variables from and to serial interface
  • Process monitoring (limits, failure messages, etc.)
  • Dependent and mutual locking as well as override setpoint control
  • Multiplexers for process variables and/or setpoints
  • Weighted averaging using sampling values

Siemens SIPART DR24 is a process controller as single-channel or dual-channel controller used for intricate control assignments and includes supplementary computation capabilities within its input range. This compact digital controller, in a 72 x 144 mm format, is well-suited for a wide array of process-specific duties, ranging from mathematical computations and logical operations to open-loop control and time-regulated closed-loop control tasks.

Dimensional Drawings

SIPART DR24 multifunction unit and panel cutouts, dimensions in mm


Enclosure IP30
Electrical safety -According to EN 61 010 Part 1
-Protection class I
– Protective separation of line connection and field signals
– Clearance and creepage distances, unless expressly mentioned otherwise, for overvoltage category III and pollution degree 2
Weight, basic unit Approx. 1.2 kg
Enclosure and front frame polycarbonate, glass-fiber reinforced


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