Temperature Probes – Lae Electronic PTC1000


  • Sensor type: KTY82-121, 1000 Ohm @ 25°C
  • Range: -40÷120°C
  • Tube: O 6 x 20 mm; AISI 304 steel
  • Cable: 2 wires x 0.25 mm2; thermoplastic rubber flat cable 1.65mm x 3.60mm; loose leads
  • Protection: IP67

Today millions of professional and commercial refrigerators, blast chillers and freezers, dough-retarder provers, ovens, air conditioners, compressed air dryers are controlled by high-performance regulators. Dpstar is a leading supplier of customized controllers based on the technical specifications and design of the system to be controlled. For over thirty years, we have supported innovative changes requested by some of the most reputable world manufacturers. Our Customers recognize the competency and the unique know-how with which we approach the project phases, creating synergies for the development of original and unique proposals. The solutions we help provide are the key to the complete success of their system. Dpstar provides innovative technology & long-lasting performance products for your special applications.

A temperature probe can be defined as a type of sensor which is used to measure temperature. A temperature probe works by monitoring the change in resistance of the given area: solid, liquid or gas and converting it into a usable format for the operator.

Dpstar provides powerful solutions to protect electrical equipment from overheating. In addition to numerous temperature limiters, the range also includes PTC thermistors. Thermistors (also commonly referred to as motor protection sensors, PTC thermistors, PTC sensors, PTCs and temperature sensors) are optimally designed for direct installation in windings of electric motors and transformers to ensure temperature monitoring. In addition, thermal thermistors in appropriate housings are suitable for overheating the protection of devices (electronic assemblies, heat sinks, etc.).


PTC thermistors are heat-sensitive sensors whose resistance increases with temperature, and can be used in almost all areas where a digital temperature measurement is required, for example in motor protection. In addition to the automotive industry, thermistors are also used in many other areas:

  • Fire detectors
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Food industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Industrial and medical device electronics


Model QT1K20P
Sensor type KTY82-121, 1000 Ohm @ 25°C
Range -40÷120°C
Precision ±1.5°C @ 25°C
Tube Ø 6 x 20 mm; AISI 304 steel
Cable 2 wires x 0.25 mm2; thermoplastic rubber flat cable 1.65mm x 3.60mm; loose leads
Protection IP67


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