Fluorocarbon Insulated Thermocouple Wires – Ninomiya K Super Ultrathin


  • Using fluorocarbon-resin as insulation material to make it very thin (OD is 1/2 of normal products), very flexible and small in finished outer diameter.
  • Excellent thermo responsivity due to low thermal capacity.
  • Excellent machining properties, because the strength is not weakened so much after machining by making the outer sheath thinner instead of reducing diameter of the conductor.
  • Using fluorocarbon-resin as coating material, highly resistant to heat(-200 to +260℃) and chemical.

Ultra Thin fluorocarbon duplex insulated thermocouple wire is made of K thermocouple elemental wires (Chromel/Alumel) correspond with JIS C 1602 and coated with fluorocarbon-resin (PFA) for insulation.

Other than listed above, we are ready to manufacture class 1, section 1 categorized products, and other duplex-insulated thermocouples as you request. Please feel free to contact us with any request.
Note: Fluorocarbon-resin generates toxic gas harmful to human body when it is burnt. Please do not burn the product when processing or using it.

Comparison with other products

Front: K-super ultrathin / Back: 0.1x1P K-PFA
Both use the same size (0.1 mm) conductors for K thermocouple, but finished outer diameters are different: K-super ultrathin is 1/2 of 0.1x1P K PFA in the thickness.


Characteristics of Fluorocarbon-resin
Property Test method Unit PFA
Physical properties Gravity ASTM D792 g/cm3 2.12-2.17
Water absorption ASTM D570 % <0.01
Contact angle Degree 115
Thermal properties Linear expansion coefficient ASTM D696 1/℃ 12×10-5
Melting point DSC 302-310
Maximum continuous enduring operating temperature 260
Mechanical properties Tensile strength JIS K 6891 MPa 25.5-30.4
Elongation JIS K 6891 % 350-450
Bend elastic constant ASTM D790 MPa 600-700
Hardness Durometer D60
Static frictional coefficient Against polishing wire 0.04-0.05
Others Flame retardancy ASTM D2863 >95
UL-94 V-0
Weathering resistance Excellent
Chemical resistance Excellent
Solvent resistance Excellent


Ninomiya Fluorocarbon Insulated Type K Super Ultrathin – Thermocouple Wire-DpstarGroup


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