Lutron PTM-816 – Thermometer , All In One


  • Cooperate with the type K Temp. probe.
  • Range : -50 to 230 oC x 0.1 oC.
  • Unit : oC, oF. internal adjustment.
  • Meter with the probe, all in 1, easy operation.
  • Hold function to freeze display value.
  • Build in reverse display button.
  • IP-67 Water resistance, heavy duty.
  • DC 1.5V battery ( UM-4, AAA ) x 4.

Lutron PTM-816 Thermometer offers all-in-one functionality, designed to work seamlessly with type K Temp. probes. It covers a temperature range from -50 to 230 degrees Celsius with a resolution of 0.1 degree Celsius, and users can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit units through internal adjustments. The device integrates the meter and probe into a single unit for straightforward operation. It includes a hold function to capture and display values, along with a built-in button for reversing the display. With its IP-67 water resistance rating, this thermometer is built for heavy-duty use. It operates on four DC 1.5V batteries (UM-4, AAA).



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