Dpstar manufacures Quartz Infrapara Heater under the brand name Maltec-H
Quartz Infrapara heaters are specially designed for applications that require infrared radiant heating. Quartz Infrapara consist of a helically wound resistance coil housed in a pure vitreous silica fused quartz tube. The ceramic caps are securely fastened to the quartz tube with high temperature cement providing excellent support to the power connecting termination.

It is one of the most efficient sources of radiant energy and it does not give off an objectionable glare because of a very low emmission in the spectrum.

Optimum design provides a clear red color on the translucent quartz tube when operating at full voltage, providing an infrared wavelength at energy peak of 2.5 to 30 microns.

The wavelength is almost completely absorbed by the process, and considered best for most industrial applications:

Advantages of Quartz infrapara heaters:-

  • Clean heat energy
  • Quick heat and cool down response
  • Lower power consumption
  • Functional design


  • Food Processing
  • Food Warming
  • Shrink Packaging
  • Paint Curing and Drying
  • Sterilization
  • Thermal Copying Equipment

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