Dpstar is a manufacturer and one of the biggest supplier of strip heaters in Malaysia.

Strip heaters are used principally for convection-type air heating and clamp on instalLation.It is an excellent industrial heating product that can be easily controlled by using a temperature controller or a mechanical thermostat that can be installed on the surface you are heating.When selecting strip heaters two important factors must be considered: the proper sheath material for resisting any rusting and oxidizing inherent in the process enviroment and for withstanding the sheath temperature require.

Mounting holes are useful to mount the process heaters securely on almost any surface with terminal extending from the sheath for easy electrical connections. Many users also request lead wires that extend from one end that make the installation more flexible as the temperature control panel is easily adaptable to this configuration.

Temperatures as high as 250 Celsius can be reached and that allows for effective heat transfer. A fairly inexpensive way of heating surfaces or small areas, strip heaters are an excellent solution to meet any budget. Strip heaters are composed of a heating element, a protective sleeve or sheath, and mounting hardware. If strip heaters are used as radiant heaters, they have can have fins to maximize surface area and heat transfer to the air. Strip heaters can be clamped or bolted onto objects or solid surface contact heating over large areas and are primarily used in indoor applications.

Dpstar also manufactures other industrial heating products i.e immersion heaters, infrapara heaters, ceramic heaters and etc. Click here to view our products.