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Immersion heaters are the best way a food processing business can maintain a high-quality product and comply with governmental safety requirements. Immersion heating is a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining a dry, temperature-controlled environment for food processing. The correct use of immersion heaters and sensors can allow the company to comply with food safety standards and to produce a better product. When accurate temperatures are maintained, food products are safer and taste better. The consumer can be assured of product safety. Poor quality not only destroys the product but the reputation of the business.

Different Types Of Immersion Heaters Used In Food Industries

Threaded Heaters

Threaded or screw plug heaters consist of tube-shaped heating elements welded in the heater. The heater either directly screws or plugs in the system through a threaded opening. A common use of these heaters is heating corrosive chemicals and fluids. This specification makes it easy for the heater to be separated for maintenance and repair. Screw plug heaters are quick to install and are ideal for a broad range of applications in commercial food products.

Flanged Heaters

As threaded heaters, flanged heating systems also consist of bent heating tubes, welded in the base of the heater. However, unlike threaded heaters, flanged immersion heaters have to be welded to the vessel or the system in which it has to be installed. These heaters are difficult to uninstall. As a result, they are usually used in industries like chemical manufacturing, food processing etc. where high pressure vessels are used.

Over-the-side Heaters

These heaters are designed for the tricky systems which don’t allow through the side heating (due to their construction). As the name implies, over-the-side heaters have their heating elements positioned along the side of the system in which they are installed. Some over-the-side heaters can also have their heating elements at the base of the tank or vessel. These heaters are easy to install along the side of the tank. Their most common use is in tankless heating systems. In which, the heated fluid is not stored in the vessel, but directly transported to where it is required.

Circulation Heater

Circulation heaters may be used for a number of different chemicals, from water and heat to waste oil. The biggest benefit of using heaters for liquids such as oil is their mutual ability to regulate the temperature and viscosity of the substance. This is done by pumping the fluid into a pipe circuit that circles the inline heater. The optimal result is successfully accomplished because of the substance.

Typical Application For The Food Industry

Removing Moisture From The Air

Air does not reduce moisture without heat. Screw-plug immersion heaters could be the solution for practically every level of liquid heating in the food processing industry. Immersion heating is cost efficient when coupled with sensors and control panels, whether used with direct or indirect heating methods. This heating system is the fastest and most reliable way to heat liquids, solids, or gases used in the food processing industry.

Preventing Bacteria

Ceramic immersion heaters are ideal for controlling moisture that leads to the growth of pathogens and bacteria that threaten the quality of food items. Immersion heaters can sterilize containers and heat liquids to meet government regulations and comply with quality standards required of food processing operations.

Warming Equipment

Immersion heaters designed for direct contact heating of water are ideal for applications such as commercial dishwashers. Since all heat is generated within the water, energy efficiency is virtually 100 percent. Various temperature control options permit very tight process temperature control. Basic mounting options of threaded screwplug connections or flanges easily accommodate customer design and installation.

Maintaining Constant Temperatures

Industrial food preparation relies heavily on electric water heaters. They are efficient and reliable for pre-heating as well as for use in industrial brew kettles and ovens. Through automation, electric water heaters can maintain specific temperatures without supervision. This prevents undercooking, overcooking, or spoilage.

Preventing Liquid & Gaseous
Mediums From Freezing

In the food industry, electric immersion heaters are most commonly used in high pressure and fluid heating processes. This includes everything from basic hot water storage tanks to the equipment required for preheating in the food process. More specialized applications are the integration with boilers, the prevention of liquid substances from freezing, maintaining heat in flow systems, intense heating of high-grade cooking oil, and in maintaining the cleanliness of flow systems, pressure vessels and other containers.

Preheating All Grades Of Oil

One of the most commonly used ingredients in the food industry is vegetable oil, and yet storing and transporting the liquid still poses a challenge for many food producers. Food processing operations require the oil to be heated in order to make it less viscous and more free-flowing. When the oil is at a high viscosity it becomes thick and adheres to surfaces, hindering the food production process and increasing processing time while decreasing efficiency. Treating fluids like vegetable oils with the right amount of heat required to keep it at a certain temperature ensures a smooth food processing operation. This effect occurs because in most cases where the temperature of a liquid is increased, the viscosity decreases. Immersion heaters are specifically designed for applications like food oil heating, and procuring one for your facility can greatly improve processing time and efficiency.

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