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What is Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless gas that is formed during respiration, combustion, and organic decomposition. It is also an extremely useful process gas with wide cross-market applicability. Measuring carbon dioxide is important in monitoring combustion processes, environmental CO2 emission levels, indoor air quality, the function of the lungs in medical procedures, and for a wide variety of applications in many industrial sectors including agri-food, pharmaceutical, brewing, beverage, and refrigeration. Carbon dioxide is typically measured using nondispersive infrared (NDIR) or electrochemical technology. Improvements to NDIR-based carbon dioxide sensors have made it the most common solution for measuring CO2 concentrations with better accuracy across extremely wide ranges up to 100% volume.

Where Does CO2 Come From

Indoor carbon dioxide concentrations are driven by a combination of outdoor CO2, indoor breathing, and the ventilation rate of the building. As buildings and homes become more energy-efficient and airtight, this means we have less fresh air. Many of the ventilation systems we use today recycle air to conserve energy, essentially moving the contaminated air around rather than cycling in new air. This results in high CO2 concentrations and poor indoor air quality.

Why Measuring CO2 Important

Controlling and monitoring indoor levels of carbon dioxide inside buildings is important for safety, health, and even energy efficiency.

CO2 can increase very quickly in poorly ventilated rooms.

Elevated CO2 levels directly affect human cognition.

Carbon dioxide can decrease productivity.

Prevent dangerously high levels of CO2 exposure.

Improve performance of workers and students.

How to Measure CO2

CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas that is soluble in water. It is the bubbles in the fizzy drink, a greenhouse gas, a byproduct of burning reactions, and in the air we exhale. CO2 is itself non-combustible and inert gas, which makes reliable measurement challenging. The most dependable method for CO2 measurements is Vaisala CARBOCAP® carbon dioxide sensor, an optical infrared measurement with groundbreaking innovations.

The CARBOCAP® sensor allows for the measurement of both the CO2 absorption signal and a reference signal using a single set of components. Because of this, Vaisala is getting a real reference measurement in every measurement cycle. This eliminates the most common drift factors normally associated with all other NDIR sensors. The results of this breakthrough are excellent long-term stability, long service life, and the ability to function in the most demanding environments, including warm, humid, and dusty environments.

What Makes Vaisala’s CO2 Sensors Unique

Vaisala uses a single-beam and dual-wavelength NDIR (Non-dispersive infrared) technology for measuring CO2. The patented CARBOCAP® technology is used in all its CO2 sensors. This technology incorporates a unique tunable band pass filter that was developed by Vaisala and is manufactured in our own state-of-the-art cleanroom.

CARBOCAP’s Unique Benefits


The unique design of CARBOCAP® results in recommended calibration intervals of up to 5 years.

Long Lifetime

Its microglow light source is rated for 15+ years of stable light output providing many years of trouble-free use.

Out Of The Box Performance

Shows correct values immediately after power-up because the CARBOCAP® does not need to “learn” its environment like other technologies do.

24/7 Occupation

Suitable for use in spaces occupied 24/7 as well as dusty and dirty industrial environments.  CARBOCAP® does not rely on the assumption of CO2 concentrations dropping to background levels in order to make any drift compensations.

Our Products Solutions

Typical Applications for CO2

Vaisala CARBOCAP® instruments are well suited to a wide range of applications, from ppm (parts per million) to percentage-level CO2 measurements. Since CO2 replaces oxygen, it can be harmful to people in very high concentrations. CO2 is present at percentage levels only within closed processes such as fermentation and controlled-atmosphere storage environments. Percentage-level measurements are also typical in life-science applications such as CO2 incubation.


Cold Storage Facilities


Life Science Incubators

Food & Beverage

Ecological Measurements

Fermentation & Brewing


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