Dpstar has been designing and manufacturing electrical process heating and temperature control solutions since the 90’s. Dpstar is a custom heater manufacturer engineering product that improve efficiency, enhance product reliability, and reduce costs for our customers. Dpstar offers the benefits of integrated “in house” manufacturing processes, using “state of the art” equipment to manufacture almost all components utilised within our product ranges. Our work does not end in providing products and solution we also offer maintenance services to our clients which makes us different from other manufacturers in the market.

Dpstar’s circulation heaters are specifically designed for each unique process application, maximizing performance and reliability. We design and manufacture a full range of both standard and custom circulation heaters, designed for heating flowing liquids, air and gases for industrial applications. Dpstar offers matched process circulation heaters and control panels for one-stop heating and control solution for our customers.

Typical Applications

Oil Heating

For an industry that requires heating chemicals and fluid materials, these heaters provide uniform heating and are energy efficient. Outlet and sheath temperature controls can be easily adjusted to ensure the material does not get damaged. Circulation heaters are used to modify the oil’s viscosity levels for pumping. They are also used to heat and condition natural gas, for freeze protection of fracking fluids and to aid oil separation just to name a few.

Water Heating

Circulation heaters are often used for heating clean water for a number of uses, such as industrial washing. These heaters may be mounted either vertically or horizontally. If the water is being heated for washing food, it makes use of a stainless-steel flange and makes use of an Incoloy sheath. Selecting the correct circulation heater depends on the desired water flow rate and on the specifications provided on the heating element (its wattage, the area it can heat, etc.). The ease of cleaning and maintaining circulation heaters make them especially attractive to those in the water heating industry.

Steam & Gas Heating 

Circulation heaters are used in the steam heat and gas industry to heat a number of different gases for various applications. They are mainly used for heating these three gases:

  • Argon, which is used for welding, heat processes, and to prevent oxidation during a number of other processes.
  • Helium, which is used to fill airbags, balloons, and to create a protective environment for the manufacturing and production of electronics.
  • Nitrogen, which is used in pipelines to push liquids forward and in laser cutting.

Heated steam can be used in atomization, sterilization, and in propulsion.

Air Heating

Process air heaters are robust hot air components used in industrial and commercial processes. Air Circulation heaters are ideal for rapidly heating compressed air. The heating elements provide efficient heat transfer through direct contact with high-pressure airflow. Rapid heater response time enables precise output temperature control when these heaters are paired with off the shelf sensors and controllers. Robust design, high-quality materials provide long life and performance margin. Circulation heater works by transferring electrical energy into a passing air stream. The power and amount of air flow will determine how hot the air heater element will get.

Let’s Innovate Together

We have a dedicated team ready to help you find a solution! Dpstar custom manufactures electric process heaters for all manner of industries and applications. Our heating systems are custom designed to work with your specific climate and application. Our team helps to choose the right designs, materials, and heaters to fit the needs of your specific process and budget. We also specialize in replacing your old, inefficient, or damaged circulation heaters with the highest quality heaters, no matter the existing brand. Replace your old circulation heaters with Dpstar heaters to optimize your process temperatures and increase efficiency. Contact us today to get started!

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