In our recent webinar “Continuous Monitoring Systems & Building Management Systems” we outlined several differences between building management and continuous monitoring systems. For example, a BMS relies on real-time information for control, while proof-of-compliance is achieved with a CMS using historical information. We describe other differences that help decide where each (or both) are appropriate. We also touch upon situations where the systems can interact through communications methods like OPC and API. During the webinar we were able to answer many questions, but not all. We have answered all in this blog.

Did you know Vaisala measures liquid concentration?

Vaisala Process Refractometers are used for in-line liquid concentration measurements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. In-line process refractometers enable accurate process control and ensure product quality. Learn more about the principles of refractive index, liquid concentration measurement technology, and Vaisala’s solutions.

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