Dpstar manufactures and supplies various type of heaters and among them is Maltec Finned Tubular Air Heater. Finned tubular air heating elements are constructed like basic tubular elements with the addition of continuous spiral fins, 4-5 per inch permanently furnace brazed to the sheath. Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster hear transfer to air, resulting in lower surface element temperatures.

Heater Element for Air is the most versatile and the best suited solutions to a large number of applications. In applications where tubular heaters are exposed to forced convection, placing fins around tubular heaters increases their surface area and thus improves their heat transferring capacity. Heater Element for Air, compared to regular tubular heaters, run at lower surface temperatures for the same watt densities when placed in identical air streams. These heating elements have a strong outer sheath to help protect the heater from physical stress and uses high-quality alloys to allow efficient heat transfer from the resistance coil to your heating medium.

1. Nickel-chromium resistance wire is uniformly stretched and embedded into magnesium-oxide powder.
2. Resistance wire is accurately centered within a copper, steel, or alloy sheath.
3. Terminal pins are attached to the resistance coil at each end to create an unheated zone near the terminals.

1. Stainless steel sheath models are suitable for operating temperatures to 700c
2. Premium grade magnesium oxide insulation imbeds the resistance wire coil for optimum heat transfer.
3. High temperature nickel chromium resistance wire.
4. Full brazed wound fin.
5. Standard and custom options available.

Application – Finned tubular heating elements.
1. Drying
2. Heat Treating
3. Annealing
4. Load Banks
5. Curing

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