Dpstar Manufacturing produces various type of flanged heaters and it is one of the largest supplier and distributor in Malaysia

Consisting normally of an ANSI rated flange with several bugle tubular elements extending from the face of the flange, this electric heater uses direct heat application to the liquid medium. A thermowell is often used within the bundle of elements to allow for a probe,either a Thermocouple, RTD or basic mechanical thermostat to transmit temperature readings to a digital control panel that cycles and maintains the desired target temperature. Flanged heaters are commonly used in chemical, petroleum and water based applications.

Maltec-H flanged heaters allow the flexibility of using many different alloys to help resist corrosion and maintain life longevity of the flanged Heating Element. Steel flanges are typically used for lubricant oils, heavy and light oils, waxes as well as mildly corrosive liquids heating. Steel flanges can also be found in Immersion Heaters for water tanks. These flanged heaters are used to process soap and detergent solutions as well deionized water. Stainless steel flanged heaters are used with mildly corrosive solutions as well as severe corrosive solutions. Food applications also use stainless steel for sanitary purposes. The sheath materials used in a flanged heater can be steel, stainless steel, copper as well as alloys such as titanium, hastelloy and inconel. Corrosive environments such as salt water should use alloys such as titanium to avoid sheath breach over excessive durations. Industries that use exotic alloys can include military, chemical and process industries.

Some heaters have already been prefixed into flanges, but others can be welded on matching flanges that are mounted on a nozzle or tank wall. dpstar Manufacturing offers flanged heaters in varying kilowatts ratings, voltages, temperature ranges, sheath materials and so on.

Flanged immersion heaters are one of the most widely used industrial heater options in the oil sector. Compared to other oil heaters, they are easier to install, are specifically designed for use in pressurized vessels. Typical applications include preheating different grades of oil, cleaning tanks and heat transfer.

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