Dpstar Group is capable of providing you engineering services which include design and built, site installation, testing, and commissioning works of all types of systems. Over the years, we have gained expertise in providing solutions for all types of Process Instrumentation and Automation. Dpstar supply and programming advanced technology-based Programmable Logic Controller System (PLC) and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) based industrial automation systems. These systems comply with various industrial standards and are used in machines manufactured. We also design these systems as per the specifications detailed by our clients. Dpstar has a group of dedicated and experienced professional engineers in this division. We carry out the work to automate various production plants to PLC control system-designed for the specific and modern technology of this century. We offer turnkey integrated PLC/SCADA-based solutions for Batching and Mixing systems. We distinguish ourselves by providing well-engineered solutions with a significant focus on application software development and testing.

Dpstar successfully provides the complete batching system which includes monitoring of raw material such as sugar, milk & chocolate powder and dispensing the material to a mixing vessel using FLINTEC load cell & CIMON PLC, SCADA & Touch Screen. We Upgrading of Current Production Lines Including Modification of PLC System & SCADA (CIMON PLC & SCADA) to suit the new plant requirement.

Chocolate processing lines are highly automated, and equipped with control systems on all processing units, by means of dedicated hardware and software as well as scalable supervision and control systems (SCADA), through which operators can interact with the lines and check their correct operation. Automation requires the implementation of a system that collects all production data from the PLCs of the various systems, and can handle and save the various recipes, failures, machine stops, as well as all information concerning production, in order to ensure the complete traceability of the final product.

Item Supplied

  • FLINTEC Load Cell
  • Touch Screen