PTPSS (PT Perindustrian Sawit Synergi) stands as a prominent player in the palm oil industry, known for its commitment to excellence. As a leading palm oil producer, PTPSS places utmost importance on environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. With a strong focus on responsible resource utilization and adherence to industry regulations, PTPSS embarked on a mission to optimize its production processes and pave the way for a greener and more efficient future. In close collaboration with PTPSS, we developed a comprehensive Flow Management and Monitoring System (FMMS) tailored to their unique requirements. Equipped with precision flow measurement devices, advanced sensors, and real-time data insights, the FMMS is seamlessly integrated into PTPSS’s production processes. At Dpstar, we excel in revolutionizing production processes through cutting-edge flow management and monitoring systems. With a commitment to driving innovation and sustainability, we lead the way with vast knowledge in fluid dynamics and advanced technology. Our mission was clear to devise a tailored solution that would empower PT Perindustrian Sawit Synergi (PTPSS) to overcome challenges and achieve their operational goals.

PT Perindustrian Sawit Synergi (PTPSS) faced significant challenges in fluid flow management and water usage within the palm oil industry. The water-intensive processes, including sterilization, cooling, and washing, demanded substantial water consumption, leading to potential wastage and increased production costs. Inaccurate flow measurements and insufficient monitoring further complicated the issue, making it challenging for PTPSS to effectively control their water consumption. Overcoming these obstacles was crucial to enhancing their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. PTPSS needed a comprehensive and integrated approach to fluid flow management. They sought cutting-edge technologies and expertise to accurately measure and monitor flow rates, ensuring efficient water usage across their production processes. Additionally, PTPSS aimed to implement a sophisticated system that could provide real-time data insights, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing their ability to comply with environmental regulations.

Dpstar successfully secured a project with PT Perindustrian Sawit Synergi (PTPSS) to address their fluid flow management and water usage challenges in the palm oil industry. To tackle these complexities, we implemented a comprehensive Flow Management and Monitoring System (FMMS) at PTPSS’s facility. The FMMS included advanced technologies such as the ATEX Electromagnetic Flowmeter and Stainless-Steel Water meter. The ATEX Electromagnetic Flowmeter provided precise and real-time flow measurements, while the Stainless-Steel Water meter accurately monitored water usage across production processes. Working closely with PTPSS, we ensured seamless integration of the FMMS into their existing operations, customizing the system to meet their specific requirements. With the FMMS in place, PTPSS achieved improved efficiency, significant cost savings, and enhanced environmental sustainability. The FMMS equipped PTPSS with real-time data insights, empowering them to make informed decisions for optimal resource utilization and compliance with environmental regulations. Our solution has enabled PTPSS to embrace a greener and more efficient future, solidifying their position as a responsible player in the palm oil industry. The successful implementation of the FMMS showcases our commitment to driving innovation and delivering transformative solutions for our clients.

Items Supplied

  • ATEX Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Stainless Steel Water meter
  • Flow Management and Monitoring System
  • Installation and Commissioning