Dpstar has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed the industry’s most demanding requirements. With engineering expertise and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, Dpstar stands as a reliable partner in the world of innovative technology. Our client, Rolls Royce, a global leader of precision and excellence in aerospace and engineering, sought our collaboration to address a critical challenge. Our partnership with Rolls Royce exemplifies our capability to provide world-class solutions in the field of gas heating technology. Our team of experts thrives on engineering challenges, and our track record in designing and implementing high-performance heating systems is a testament to our dedication to excellence. Together, we embarked on a remarkable journey to address Rolls Royce’s unique heating requirements, setting the stage for a project that exemplifies our dedication to innovation and technical prowess.

The primary objective of this project was to design, develop, and deliver a cutting-edge inline gas heating solution capable of reaching a maximum outlet temperature. Rolls Royce had a specific need for a high-performance heating system integrated into their test rig. This system was required to operate effectively across a diverse spectrum of flow rates and outlet temperatures to meet the rigorous demands of their testing procedures.

The key project goals were as follows:

  • To design and deliver a robust 170kW inline gas heater.
  • To provide a reliable 300A heater control panel for precise temperature control.
  • To ensure seamless integration of the heater system into Rolls Royce’s test rig.
  • To enable testing at a range of flow rates and outlet temperatures, meeting Rolls Royce’s stringent performance standards.

Dpstar successfully delivered a cutting-edge heating solution that exceeded Rolls Royce’s exacting standards and addressed their unique requirements. Our solution was designed to provide precise and reliable heating capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for Rolls Royce’s critical testing processes. Our engineering team designed a state-of-the-art 170kW inline gas heater, capable of achieving a maximum outlet temperature of 780°C. This heater system integrates seamlessly into Rolls Royce’s test rig, offering precise control and performance across a range of flow rates and outlet temperatures. The system operates by passing the gas through the heater, where it is heated to the desired temperature. The temperature control panel, equipped with advanced sensors and feedback mechanisms, continuously monitors and adjusts the heating process to maintain the specified outlet temperature. This level of control allows for precise and consistent temperature conditions during testing. At the core of our solution is advanced heating technology, which harnesses the power of gas combustion to generate the high temperatures required for Rolls Royce’s testing processes.