Dpstar marked a significant achievement in enhancing industrial safety with the successful implementation of a tailored solution for Voith Paper Fabrics Ipoh Sdn Bhd. Our client sought an efficient solution for gas leak detection at their sites, which involved multiple gas pipelines used in material processing. Their primary concern was the risk of gas leaks leading to dangerous sparks or explosions. Our comprehensive solution encompassed supply, installation, training, calibration, and after-sales service.

The installation included the Evikon Gas Generator Sensor, a control panel, an alarm box, and comprehensive site installation and wiring. We equipped their facilities with the Evikon Gas Generator Sensor, strategically installed near gas pipelines. This state-of-the-art sensor is designed to detect gas leaks and display readings on a meter. If gas concentrations exceed safe thresholds, it triggers an alarm, promptly alerting the staff.

The project significantly improved the work environment’s safety, reduced the need for constant manual monitoring, and provided a sophisticated, responsive system to manage gas leak risks effectively. Overall, this project stands as a testament to Dpstar’s commitment to providing innovative, safe, and efficient industrial solutions.

Items Supplied

Dpstar provided a comprehensive solution encompassing various key components:

  1. Evikon Gas Generator Sensor: This advanced sensor is at the heart of the solution. Designed for precise and quick detection of gas leaks, it is strategically installed near gas pipelines. The sensor’s capability to display readings and trigger alarms in case of unsafe gas levels is a critical feature.
  2. Control Panel: A centralized unit for efficient monitoring and management of the gas detection system. This ensures that the staff at Voith Paper Fabrics can keep a constant eye on gas levels and respond swiftly in case of any irregularities.
  3. Alarm Box: An effective system that provides both audible and visible alerts in the event of gas leaks. This ensures immediate attention and action from the staff, thereby minimizing potential hazards.
  4. Site Installation & Wiring: Dpstar’s professional installation services guaranteed a seamless integration of the new system with the existing infrastructure at Voith Paper Fabrics, without disrupting their ongoing operations.