TTK FG-DCTL / FG-DCTL-R Addressable Box


  • Compatibility & Connectivity
  • Digital unit: FG-NET, FG-SYS
  • Sense cable: FG-ECS, FG-ACS (length from 1 to 45m)

TTK FG-DCTL addressable box allows the connection of one analog sense cable (1 to 45m, ‘‘cut to length’’) to the main bus wire from the digital panel. FG-DCTL will create an address on the panel for that sense cable. 2 references are available: FG-DCTL and FG-DCTL-R. The only difference: FG-DCTL-R is equipped with a relay (Maximum Switching Power : 30W, 125VA; Maximum Switching Voltage : 125Vac / 220Vdc; Maximum Switching/Carrying Current : 1A), activated in case of leak; not for FG-DCTL. The LED on the front face of the box indicates the box’s status in real time:

  • Blinking green: normal, no alarm.
  • Blinking red: leak detected on the box.
  • No LED light: cablebreak detected on the box or loss of communication