Huba 625 Series – Mechanical Pressure Switch


  • High accuracy by 13 ideally designed pressure range increments
  • Switching differences adjustable
  • High long term stability with repro ducibility of switching points < ±0.3 mbar
  • Customer specific switching points adjustable in factory
  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Ideal price / performance ratio

Huba 625 pressure switches offer versatility with 13 pressure ranges, catering to both liquids and gases. Available in plastic, brass, or aluminum bodies, and featuring diaphragms made from NBR, FPM, EPDM, or silicone, these switches provide options to suit various requirements. They boast exceptional precision and long-term stability due to finely tuned measurement stages. With a rugged design, they are well-suited for general industrial equipment construction, process technology, and automation in the food industry.


Medium Liquids and neutral gases
Pressure range -900 … 6000 mbar
Electrical connection Screw terminals, flat connector 6.3 mm
Pressure connection Inside thread M5, hose connector ± 6 mm, outside thread
Mounting bracket


Huba Control 625 Mechanical Pressure Switch -900 … 6000 mbar-DpstarGroup