Shimaden CP2RP Series – Potentiometer Converter

It converts the resistance change of the potentiometer into a DC signal and outputs it. Isolation for input/output is provided as standard feature. 6 toxic substances, which are subject to RoHS regulations, are contained. However, the amount of toxic substances contained does not exceed standardized values.


Shimaden CP2RP Series Potentiometer Converter translates potentiometer resistance fluctuations into a DC signal for output, featuring standard isolation for both input and output. While the device contains six substances regulated by RoHS due to their toxicity, their quantities remain within accepted limits.


Input Potentiometer (3-wire input)
Input resistance value range 100Ω–10kΩ Random
Output DC voltage / Current (Refer to “Ordering Information”.)
Conversion Accuracy ±0.3% FS (at 23°C)
Influence of ambient temperature ±0.2% FS for temperature change of 10 °C
Span Adjustment Range 0–50%
Zero Adjustment Range 50–0%
Response Time 500 msec. max. (0–90%)
Repeatability ±0.1% of input range

Ordering Information

SERIES CP2RP-  Potentiometer Converter
INPUT 5  100 Ω–10K Ω Random (3-wire)
9  Others (Please consult before ordering.)
CONVERSION OUTPUT 1  0–10mV DC / FS Output Resistance: 5Ω
2  0–100mV DC / FS Output Resistance: 50Ω
3  0–1V DC / FS Max. Current: 2mA
4  0–10V DC / FS Max. Current: 2mA
5  1–5V DC / FS Max. Current: 2mA
6  4–20mA DC / FS Load Resistance: 600Ω max.
9  Others (Please consult before ordering.)
POWER SUPPLY 02-  24V DC±10%
13-  100–110V AC±10% 50/60Hz
14-  110–120V AC±10% 50/60Hz
15-  200–220V AC±10% 50/60Hz
16-  220–240V AC±10% 50/60Hz
99-  Others (Please consult before ordering.)
REMARKS 0  Without
9  With (Please consult before ordering.)


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