Dpstar have over 30 years’ experience providing trusted temperature monitoring systems to different industries. We design and supply measuring, control, and monitoring solutions for several sectors with strict requirements. Throughout our expertise we are able to provide products and software that have always been highly customer-focused and that approach continues today with all of our temperature monitoring systems, we deliver on customer requirements as well as provide complete peace of mind. 

Temperature monitoring systems are devices that control and regulate the temperature of a specific area, usually one where large-scale production or storage of goods takes place. These systems help maintain the freshness, quality, and safety of these products, thereby curbing the possibility of waste generation.  

Market Sectors and Applications

Food and Retail 

Wireless temperature monitoring systems are used widely across the food sector. We can monitor refrigerators, freezers and temperature-controlled storage areas. Continuous real time monitoring provides temperature records for HACCP plans, helps reduce waste from stock losses and provides alarm notifications to prompt corrective action. 


Temperature and humidity are two factors that can have a considerable impact on the condition of stored goods in a warehouse. Continuous wireless monitoring systems provide accurate monitoring to ensure valuable goods don’t spoil or damage and provides evidence that compliance and legislative standards have been met. We provide robust, battery operated, long range wireless sensors with range extenders to cover any size warehouse or production facility. 


Temperature and humidity conditions should be strictly monitored throughout the supply chain of pharmaceuticals to protect valuable product inventory and meet MHRA requirements. It is mandatory that temperature and humidity measurements are recorded so reliable data is available for quality and 21CFR Part 11 compliance.  


Wireless temperature monitoring systems are used throughout the healthcare sector providing vital monitoring protecting vaccines, medicines and pharmaceutical products. Our system provides tamper proof data storage and robust audit trails with electronic signatures. Our systems help provide compliance documentation that refrigerators and freezers are operating within strict temperature parameters. 


Wireless monitoring systems are used across numerous laboratories including diagnostic labs, research laboratories, hospitals laboratories and forensic laboratories ensuring their refrigerators, freezers and incubators are maintained to strict temperature levels. 


Wireless monitoring system are an ideal solution for environmental monitoring. We supply an extensive range of sensor types to measure almost any environmental condition either directly, or by using third party specialised equipment with a 4-20mA or voltage output. The latter provides an interface to third party industrial sensors and converters to measure almost any physical quantity. 


Our real-time wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system provides numerous sensor types for a multitude of Agricultural applications including dairy farms to monitor the temperature of milk, greenhouses for fluctuations in temperature, crop storage to reduce the risk of product waste. 

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