Why is Data Center Environmental Monitoring Important?

Nowadays, a “Data Center” is a critical part of a business infrastructure. Improper environment conditions can permanently damage the system which can cause irretrievable data and lost business to the Organization. One main cause of damage, outside of power loss, is an increase in server room air temperature or humidity. A shift in ambient temperature in the data center can result in downtime caused by overheating, hardware damage due to moisture buildup or complete system failure. With proper monitoring equipment, you can quickly discover and correct problems with ambient temperature. Our cost-effective Environmental Monitoring Solution helps to protect valuable IT hardware and data by remotely monitoring the data center or server room. Dpstar provides data centers with solutions to ensure continuous availability while helping to improve performance in a productive and sustainable way. Dpstar is helping with this increased efficiency by reducing energy consumption in parts of the data center, including the high cooling demand. Our innovative measurement solutions have impact where it truly matters, helping to solve climate change and other global challenges of our time. With cutting-edge technologies for environment, and industrial processes, our customers keep up operations and make data-based decisions. Our products and services provide our customers with the means to influence and better understand their environment.

Data Center Environmental Monitoring Areas Of Control

There are several key indicators (KPIs) that must be analyzed and acted on to obtain the best performance in a data center. You need to monitor a plant level, cabinet or server rack level and also each one of the units. The monitoring of critical elements such as:


Servers are very sensitive to temperature. You must maintain a certain range of temperature to keep them working well. This temperature threshold can vary depending on the size of your data center, the age of your equipment and your geographic location. When a data center’s heat cannot be dissipated rapidly enough, the danger of damaged hardware and data loss increases. To be efficient, data center cooling needs careful planning as many things can go wrong if the temperature is not properly controlled. In addition to not having enough cooling, you will squander electricity if the data center is too cold. Even a small change in temperature can have a substantial impact on running expenses. Temperature monitoring helps you to assess your cooling system’s efficiency. Sensors should be placed at critical locations to monitor the temperature. The top, middle, and bottom of racks, as well as the intake and discharge vents, should all be kept an eye on. Placing sensors at the front and rear of the racks and inlet and outlet of the CRAC and air handling units allows for the analysis of ∆T (temperature difference) between 4 key points.


The humidity level in the data center is just as important as temperature. In a data center, too much or too little humidity can be dangerous to the equipment. Failure to manage humidity levels might result in unanticipated downtime. If the humidity rises too high, it leads to moisture buildup. If the humidity level is too low, the equipment might develop an electrostatic charge, which can lead to deadly static electricity. Corrosion and electrical shorts might result from this condensation. Monitoring humidity in data centers will aid in the appropriate operation of your equipment. New recommendations recommend a minimum humidity of 20% and a maximum humidity of 80%. The optimal % range is 45% to 55%. Ambient temperature sensors alert you when the humidity hits a level outside the designated range, so you can adjust humidity levels before issues occur.

Measurement Solution From Dpstar

TMI110 Immersion Temperature Transmitter

Dpstar introduces a new immersion-type temperature transmitter for data centers. To support the growing demand for uninterrupted data, Dpstar, a leader in environmental, and industrial measurements, provide the new immersion type Vaisala TMI110 Temperature Transmitter for data centers. Dpstar’s instruments monitor the conditions and energy efficiency of data centers that maintain the digital environment. With lots of powerful hardware concentrated in one place, data centers must be kept cool and safeguarded against both external and internal environmental influences. As a result, data centers consume significant amounts of energy.

The new Vaisala TMI110 completes Vaisala’s product portfolio for data centers. It is a great addition to our measurement instrument selection for data centers as now our customers can source all of their most important sensors from one supplier – air temperature, humidity, and differential pressure sensors for rooms and ducts, outdoor weather sensors, and now immersion temperature sensors for cooling systems. Cooling is critical to maintaining temperature and humidity at the optimal level for reliable server operations. The TMI110’s accuracy is ±0.1 °C, which is really good news for data center operators as well as for the environment. Even the smallest fluctuation in cooling temperature can have a significant impact on the overall running costs and environmental impact of the energy-hungry data centers. The new immersion type Vaisala TMI110 Temperature Transmitter is supplied with a calibration certificate and it offers excellent response time.


High precision

Temperature is measured with a highly accurate Pt1000 sensor element. The high accuracy and quick response time of the measurement enable precise and reliable controls of HVAC systems.

Fast response time

Speed and reliability of measurement are a great advantage in processes of cooling and heating. The fast response time of the measurement allows for instant response in the control loop.

Traceable accuracy

The instruments are individually adjusted and delivered with a traceable (ISO 9001) calibration certificate. The transmitter is easy to calibrate also on site using a Vaisala handheld meter or Vaisala Insight PC software.

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